Consulting Services

Our objective as a business consulting firm is to help entrepreneurs and their companies achieve goals by leveraging vision. Unlike other more typical management consulting firms, we are a leading business plan specialist. It gives us an edge in providing the best consulting services.

  • We do not use software or templates to write business plans. Our expert business consultants are highly skilled at comprehending, appreciating, and understanding the entrepreneur’s vision to tailor a business plan to exact needs. These skills are invaluable for our clients that consider us their closest partner on their project.
  • We consult with more than 1200 businesses per year. As a result, we have tremendous experience in various industries and different markets.
  • Our expert team of professional and experienced business consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and have prestigious degrees as well as investment banking and entrepreneurial experience.



Idea Selection

Starting your own business is the beginning of an exciting journey and the starting point of your life as an entrepreneur. As such, choosing the right business idea is crucial.
Avoid the beginner’s mistake that wonders how to make money and instead consider which business opportunities are right for you.
Our expert consultants are experienced in understanding your needs and spotting the business ideas with the highest potential.
Make the right decision and let us accompany you on your journey by providing support in idea selection and in writing your business plan.


Marketing & Sales Plan

Crafting the correct Marketing & Sales Plan can be complex, even more so in today’s economy. There is an overwhelming amount of specific knowledge to possess in order to devise
an efficient marketing strategy and the best possible corresponding sales plan.
Conceiving a well-developed Marketing & Sales Plan is critical prior to writing your business plan.
Call us now and talk to one of our professional consultant to see how we can help your idea take the right path to maximum efficiency


Financial Model

An essential step in determining the viability of a venture or initiative is to build a financial model.

A financial model is used to quantitatively project real life business scenarios, the results of which can range from determining how much capital to raise for a particular venture to defining a suitable valuation range to sell your company or acquire another one.

Building an effective financial model for your business plan is vital and helps determine the economic viability of your business model. Investors are keen to model different scenarios for your business or idea. Modeling scenarios such as, “What will happen to cash flow if sales increase or decrease by 10%?” are critical to potential investors, and the financial model is the tool that helps them obtain a view on this and a multitude of other scenarios.

We are experts at financial modeling and in efficiently quantifying your business model. Our professional consultants bring significant experience from demanding investment banking positions and have consulted across a wide variety of industries working with different financial structures.


Pre- Feasibility Study

A Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) is an internal document that aids in the determination of whether or not to proceed with a particular venture or development project. The PFS encompasses the following topics:

  • Executive Summary
  • Service Description
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Projected Financials with indicative

investment required, IRR, NPV

  • Risks and Mitigating Actions
  • Market Survey with a focus on supply and demand
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Operational Plan
  • SWOT Analysis

Our consultants will evaluate your proposed idea from a conceptual, marketing, and economic standpoint and collate the findings and conclusions in the Study.


Market Research

A market research report is a document that collects information about your target market and future potential customers and is one of the most important parts of a business plan. Market research data can be laborious to gather and difficult to convert into useful information for the non-professional. A great deal of entrepreneurs hand over this critical part to a market research analyst or a market research company after getting lost in their own online market research.

By entrusting your marketing research to one of our expert consultants and writers, you’ll be provided with a refined market analysis and a bulletproof document that will allow you to confidently engage in your venture with a complete mastery of your targets at a competitive price. Call us now to know more!


Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation

The Pitch Deck or Investor Presentation encompasses the findings of a Pre-Feasibility Study or Confidential Information Memorandum into a concise presentation format that will be effective in capturing the attention of your target investors. It would contain the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Opportunity
  • The Solution or Service Description
  • Market Approach and Strategy
  • Financials
  • Deal Description/Structure/Details
  • High-level snapshot of key figures
  • Description of problem
  • Business Model – revenue streams and operational expenditures
  • Team and key stakeholders
  • Competition

Our consultants have expertise in creating compelling Pitch Decks that have helped our clients raise over $50 million to date.


Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

The Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) is a document used to solicit interest. It should illustrate your proposal in a positive and highly professional manner. It is used in selling all or a portion of your company and/or raising capital for various initiatives. Potential investors appreciate the objective nature of this document as it digs into the information that they want to see in order to efficiently assess your business for acquisition or investment. It consists of:


  • Executive Summary
  • Service Description
  • Team/Advisory Board
  • Deal Description/Structure/Details
  • Exit Analysis
  • Market Opportunity
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Operational Plan
  • Long-term Financing Plan

Our Senior Consultants have buy and sell side M&A and capital raising experience as well as vast experience working directly with clients and creating effective CIMs to present to potential investors.


Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) Package

The CIM Package is a comprehensive package designed to give you the best chance of success with potential investors. It contains all of the elements as follows:

  • CIM
  • Financial Model
  • Pitch Deck/Investor Presentation
  • Defined number of approaches to solicit investor interest for your proposal


Capital Raising and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Assistance

For clients that are at the point of raising capital for their venture, for expansion purposes or for restructuring, Joorney Senior Consultants will identify select family offices and investors whose investment parameters are in line with your proposal. We will solicit your Pitch Book for interest.

The process is as follows:

  • Evaluate your proposal and materials to solicit interest
  • Validate the bona fides of your proposal (if required)
  • Draw on our network in identifying family offices, institutions, and high net worth individuals whose investment parameters are in line with your proposal
  • Prepare a select list of names for approach
  • Commence distribution of your proposal
  • Manage the process by following up with target investors, arranging meetings/conference calls as required
  • Obtain Letters of Intent (LOI) from interested parties
  • Assist in due diligence process and negotiation
  • Conclude deal