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Save time on manual research with Joorney’s carefully curated buyers list that connects you with the right buyers at the right time.

Buyers List
Starting Price $ 2,000
Days Until First Draft
5 days Rush service available
Number of Contacts 200 verified contacts
What You Get:
Flat Rate Pricing
Carefully Curated by Industry & Business Type
What's Included:
Excel workbook
Detailed Contact Information
Strategic & Financial buyers

What's inside

A Curated List of Buyers for Your Sale

Finding the right buyer can be one of the biggest hurdles in the business sale process.

A carefully curated buyers list from Joorney can help you save time and make the right connections.



This is Joorney

Buyers List

Designed for Find the Right Buyer Fast

At Joorney, we’re dedicated to supporting M&A advisors and business professionals throughout the business sale process by providing well-researched and curated buyers lists.

Each list is meticulously tailored to specific industries and business types. Our team of business professionals creates lists that feature two types of buyers:

Strategic buyers: Buyers within the same industry looking to expand by acquiring similar businesses.

Financial buyers or investors: Private equity or hedge fund buyers interested in investment opportunities.

Our lists include essential contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers, along with a specific point of contact at each firm. Pricing starts at $2,000 for lists containing 200 verified contacts. The total number of contacts available varies based on the data we can access from our subscription databases.

Our researchers and business experts have consistently succeeded in creating valuable buyers lists and are ready to assist you in achieving similar success!

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Buyers List

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