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Executive Summary

Get your foot in the door with a custom-made document that gives a 360-degree view of your project.

Executive Summary
Starting Price $ 1,250
Days Until First Draft
3-5 days Rush service available
Number of Pages 2-3 pages
What You Get:
Dedicated Team
Industry Expertise
Flat Rate Pricing
2 Revisions
Professional Graphic Design
What's Included:
All the relevant data packed into a short, powerful document


This is Joorney

Executive Summary

Designed for M&A and Funding Professionals

An Executive Summary is your proposal’s gateway, offering a concise yet comprehensive glimpse into your business deal. It outlines key background information, delivers sharp analysis, and draws clear conclusions, all crafted to pique interest and engage M&A practitioners and funding professionals alike.

This pivotal document can determine the fate of your proposal; even though it’s brief, it’s designed to highlight essential details that not only capture attention but also open doors to crucial meetings.

At Joorney, our writers skillfully craft each Executive Summary with a comprehensive understanding of the project. They adeptly condense complex information into key points, presenting them in the most favorable light. Our goal is to engage the reader’s interest and secure a deeper engagement, ensuring your project receives the consideration it deserves.

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Executive Summary

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