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Financial Modeling Services

Starting price$4,000

Days until first draft:10-15 days

Rush Services Available


  • Flat rate pricing (not hourly)
  • 4 Revisions
  • 1 Hour Consultation
  • Financial model workbook in Excel



A financial model is a detailed mathematical representation of the future events and value of a business for sale.

Our M&A financial models will better understand:

  • Potential synergies when two companies are combined
  • Margins analysis
  • Potential acquisition finance structures including LBO, all cash, cash + shares, etc.

Financial Modeling for M&A Professionals

A financial model is a vital element that presents a clear picture of the company’s forecasted performance. It is a mathematical representation of some or all aspects of a company’s business. This tool estimates the cost of proposed projects and predicts the effect of an economic policy change.

Potential buyers or investors are interested in modeling different scenarios for the future value of a company or idea. Financial Modeling scenarios such as “What is going to happen to cash flow if sales increase or decrease by 10%?” are crucial. A financial model is a helpful tool for representing a variety of different business scenarios.

Our business professionals have expertise in composing financial models and have the capacity of converting assumptions into financial and economic projections for a business. Our consultants bring significant knowledge and have consulted throughout an extensive array of industries operating with different financial structures.

The Impact of a well put together CIM – Within the M&A World

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Professional CIM M&A Research Consultants
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