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A Pitch Deck That Opens the Door

Spark the interest of investors with a custom-made pitch deck that’s designed to secure your next meeting.

Pitch Deck
Starting Price $ 2,500
Days Until First Draft
7-10 days Rush service available
Number of Pages 15-20 slides
What You Get:
Dedicated Team
Industry Expertise
Flat Rate Pricing
Two Revisions
Professional Graphic Design
What's Included:
Problems & Solutions
Product or Service Description
Business Model
Industry & Market Overview
Competition & Competitive Advantage
Go-to-Market Strategy
Team Bios
Deal Description
Financial Projections

It starts with your vision

Showcasing Your Venture

Tailored to your unique business venture, your pitch deck will paint a picture that’s hard to ignore. Our pitch decks are informative and feature simple, visually appealing slides – just want the investors love.



This is Joorney

Pitch Deck

Designed to Capture Attention

Investors are swamped with pitches, often lacking the time to deeply dive into a detailed business plan from the start. Our pitch decks are designed to catch an investor’s eye quickly, showcasing your business’s potential succinctly and effectively. Drawing on our extensive experience, we know what grabs investors’ attention and how to present your idea in the most compelling way.

Managed by our Advisory division, our pitch deck service targets capital raises over $200,000 and is tailored to draw interest from a wide range of investors, including venture capital firms, angel investors, and private equity groups. With professional design and expert writing, your pitch deck will make a strong first impression.

We promise top-notch quality in both design and content, presenting your business plan’s key points efficiently and attractively. Our approach ensures your pitch deck communicates the essence of your venture clearly, increasing your chances of securing meetings and funding.

Choosing Joorney means you’re not just getting a pitch deck; you’re getting a powerful tool designed to open doors with investors, enhancing your opportunity to raise the capital you need. Our commitment is to deliver a pitch deck that stands out, helping you to navigate the competitive investment landscape successfully.

our Process

Step by Step

Step 1 Discovery Call

We listen intently about the details of your endeavor with a focus on what you’re looking to achieve. From there, we propose the services that are needed to help you accomplish your goal.

Step 2 Proposal

We put together and send you a proposal inclusive of the scope of work, delivery timing, Price, and terms of engagement.

Step 3 Contract & Invoice

Once the Proposal is accepted by you, we finalize our contract and send you the invoice. We’re ready to start your project!

Step 4 Questionnaire

You receive our comprehensive questionnaire, designed specifically to allow you to easily share the details of your endeavor with us. We’ll use this knowledge to expertly create the agreed upon products that will help you achieve your goal.

Step 5 Review

Upon receiving your complete questionnaire, our team analyzes the answers and reaches out to you in case of any missing data or additional questions.

Step 6 Writing Process

Your dedicated team creates your custom built first draft of the first product within the specified time frame. And we never miss a deadline!

Step 7 Optional Revisions

We optimize the product based on feedback from you. We offer 2 revisions.

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Pitch Deck

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