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Professional Pitch Deck Services

Starting price$2,500

Days until first draft:7-10 days

Number of pages: 15-20 slides

Rush Services Available


  • Multilingual Team
  • 2 sets of Revisions
  • Professional Graphic Design
  • Skilled Pitch Deck Designers


Pitch Decks

Investors are often looking at new business opportunities and, to spark that initial interest,
you need to have a pitch deck that helps you do just that. A great pitch deck is engaging and
has a clear presentation of your business goals, vision, plans, and financials.
It will help you capture that initial interest you need to secure that next meeting.


  • Introduction
  • Problems
  • Solutions
  • Product or service description
  • Business model
  • Traction
  • Industry and market overview
  • Competition
  • Competitive advantages
  • Market approach and strategy
  • Team bios
  • Deal description
  • Financial projections

Professional Pitch Decks

Investors are often bombarded with investment opportunities on their desks and they may not have the time to read through a full business plan as the first document presented. Our pitch decks are effectively designed to attract an investor’s attention and interest in your business. By leveraging our full lifecycle transactional experience, we know exactly what investors look for in potential business opportunities and how to communicate with them effectively.

The Joorney pitch deck creation process is managed by our Advisory division and is suited for capital raises greater than $200,000. It is geared towards capturing interest from seed and angel investors, venture capital firms, family offices, private equity, and other types of institutional firms. With our professional pitch deck designs and skilled writers, you’ll have a pitch deck that’ll catch their interest, from the get-go.

We guarantee that you’ll receive the highest level of quality visually and in terms of content to exhibit the key components of your business plan in an efficient and appealing manner.

Five Tips To Make That Perfect Pitch Deck – Forbes Finance Council Article

You’ve got a billion-dollar idea. You’ve got the right team. You’ve got everything you need — except for funding. Your pitch deck is one of the most valuable things you can create, often making the difference between an idea that gets funded and one that doesn’t.

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Professional Pitch Decks

Professional Pitch Deck Samples

E-Commerce – Jewelry Rental
View Jewelry Rental Pitch Deck Sample
Student Housing Development
Real Estate – Student Housing
View Student Housing Pitch Deck Sample
SaaS Platform
B2B SaaS – CRM
View SaaS Pitch Deck Sample
Real Estate
Real Estate – Residential Development
View Real Estate Development Pitch Deck Sample
Fund – Real Estate
View Rental Estate Fund Pitch Deck Sample
Healthcare Industry
Healthcare – Clinics/Testing
View Healthcare Clinics Pitch Deck Sample
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
View Pitch Deck Sample for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
CBD Producer
E-Commerce – CBD Producer
View CBD Products Pitch Deck Sample
Web3 – Crypto Exchange
View Fintech/Crypto Pitch Deck Sample
Business Messaging Platform
Healthcare – Messaging App
View Healthcare Messaging Pitch Deck Sample
Social Crowdfunding App
Fintech – Crowdfunding App 
View Social Crowdfunding Pitch Deck Sample
Virtual Campus Visits
EdTech – Virtual Campus Visits
View EdTech Pitch Deck Sample
Sustainable Footwear
Apparel – Sustainable Footwear
View Apparel Pitch Deck Sample
Workout App
FitTech – Workout App
View Workout App Pitch Deck Sample
Healthy Sports Drinks
Food and Beverage – Sports Drinks
View Sports Drink Pitch Deck Sample
Headless Commerce platform
B2B SaaS – Merchandising / Inventory
View B2B SaaS Pitch Deck Sample
Eco Construction
Real Estate – Green Construction
View Green Construction Pitch Deck Sample
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