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Watch Joorney Business Plan's Exclusive Video Content Where We Review Various Business & Immigration Topics!

Ask the Joorney Expert

Tune in to learn more from our team of experts!

Our team of experts are excited to be able to share their knowledge and understanding on a variety of general business and business immigration topics as they relate to business plan writing, fundraising, business exit strategy and much more!

Matt brings 9 years of investment banking advisory and transactions experience to the Advisory team. He has advised over 40 clients across different industries and geographies. Matt is fluent in development project pre-feasibility and the life-cycle of transactions ranging from $10MM to $250MM and having led such transactions from valuation and deal structuring to distribution, capital raising and negotiation for a variety of corporations at different stages of their development.

Intro - Joorney Advisory

What is Joorney Advisory?

StartUp Capital Options

What are some options for raising startup capital?

Where Do Early Stage StartUps Get Their Initial Funding

Where Do Early Stage StartUps Get Their Initial Funding?

What are Convertible Notes/Debt In the startup world?

What is a convertible note in the startup funding world?

Vesting Periods & Tips for Distributing Founders Share Equity

What are Some Things you should consider when distributing founders share equity?

Do's and Don'ts For Preparing Your Startup To Fundraise

What are a few things to consider doing and not doing when preparing your startup for fundraising?

5 Sure Shot Ways To Upset Your Investors

What Are Some Ways To Upset Your Investors?

As VP of Marketing & Sales for the US market, Gerald’s passion is to help startups and small and medium-size companies get the funding they need by supporting them with the right business plan. Gerald’s favorite part of the job is the discovery meeting where he learns about his clients’ companies, their products & services and the funding that’s required for the business. Gerald has helped companies with SBA and bank loan business plans, investor business plans, investor presentations and landlord presentations and raised over 50 million dollars.

Intro To Joorney Immigration

What is Joorney Immigration?
Ask the Joorney Expert - Episode: "How Joorney Immigration Works with Immigration Attorney Partners"

How Joorney Immigration Works with Immigration Attorney Partners

Does Joorney Business Plans ever advise clients on legal matters?

Components of an Immigration Business Plan

What are the main components of most immigration business plans?

What is an RFE?

What is an RFE? How does Joorney handle RFE’s for Clients/Attorneys?

5 Most common reasons Joorney has seen client applications stalled/delayed

Highly skilled Bilingual MBA Graduate with Harvard Studies in Sales, Strategy and Entrepreneurial Essentials. More than 16 years of experience in business development and consulting in strategy, management, business planning, business intelligence, marketing and sales. Broad knowledge from working with clients in numerous industries including automotive, agriculture, telecommunications, import/export, fashion/fabric and technology.

Intro & Who is Joorney Canada

How does Joorney Canada help clients, attorneys and immigration consultants?

How Do Startup Visas Work?

How Do Startup Visas Work?

Pros & Cons: Freelancer VS Business Plan Writing Company

What’s The Difference Between Working with a Freelancer VS a Business Plan Writing Company?

Immigration #Joorney #Webinar - with Marianella Manzur

What Are Some difference between US & Canada Immigration?

Zixuan Zhao is part of our business development team at Joorney. Zixuan handles our Chinese accounts both with immigration attorneys and Chinese investor- he has experiences in customer service in luxury hotels and in real estate. Zixuan is from China and he loves soccer and traveling – his motto is ‘to treat others as you would like to be treated’.


Intro To Joorney Immigration - Mandarin

We strive to help our clients create a plan for success in all their business endeavors. Joorney is #1 Business Plan writing company in the US with over 500+ trusted partners in a variety of different fields & industries. Our team is also regularly published on various publications such as ILW, US Chamber Of Commerce, and Forbes just to name a few so be sure to like, follow and subcribe to our various social profiles to follow our latest content!

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