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Los Angeles Professional Business Plan Writers

Business Plan Writers and Consultants

JOORNEY provides each of its clients with a highly customized and fact-based Business Plan.  Our experienced Business Plan Writers and Consultants create tailored plans to suit your business needs, whether your goal be satisfying visa requirements, obtaining a bank loan, or developing viable growth strategies, among others. All of our Business Plans include an Industry Analysis, Market Analysis, and Competition Analysis corresponding to the details provided by the client. Moreover, our team provides clients with a detailed 5-year financial plan leveraging their unrivalled knowledge and extensive experience.

Los Angeles is a city with strong manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade sectors, but also where different services sectors are booming including entertainment, professional, scientific, technical accommodation and food services. The super sectors of high technology and manufacturing both employ hundreds of thousands of workers, and as such, Los Angeles provides great opportunities for new companies, especially where these industries overlap.

Our Los Angeles Business Plan Writers are equipped to help you launch and grow your company. Our team in Los Angeles, California can work with you to write a high quality, professional business plan that can be presented to different audiences such as immigration authorities or financing institutions.  In addition, our experienced team can conduct in-depth market research and create a strategic analysis tailored to assess the viability of your concept’s success, as well as provide you with the customized business plan needed to express your vision, business model, and roadmap for growth and enable you to successfully navigate LA’s rich ecosystems of businesses.

With over 1500 Business Plans written per year and expertise in over 120 industries, our team has helped raise more than $50 million in equity and debt financing in Los Angeles’ various thriving industries. Our solutions are cost-effective and result-driven. JOORNEY prides itself with the fastest delivery time in the industry and free design for every business plan to make your business stand out.

Top Los Angeles Industries:

Top Industries - Food & Retail

Food & Retail

With a steadily growing population and strong purchasing power, LA’s beautiful landscape is home to a thriving culinary and retail culture, with a combined 21% of our business plans serving operators in these industries.

Top Industries - Entertainment & Leisure

Entertainment & Leisure

Los Angeles is well known as an international film-making powerhouse, so it’s not surprising that nearly 19% of the business written by Joorney Business Plans for LA-based businesses are focused on these industries.

Top Industries - Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate and Business are also popular industries in Los Angeles, with 7% of our business plans serving operators in each of these industries.

Other Cities

New York City

New York City

Our New York Business Plan Writers will help you take advantage of the city’s business landscape and new opportunities to grow your business. Our team has worked with numerous companies in NYC to evaluate local opportunities and develop comprehensive immigration and commercial business plans based on research and facts.



With headquarters in Miami, the Joorney Business Plan team has the extensive local knowledge to leverage in order to make the most of our client’s South Florida business opportunities. With extensive expertise in over 100 industries, our team has helped raise more than $50 million in equity and debt financing, establishing and growing hundreds of successful US-based businesses.

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