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Mexico E-2 Visa Update: Validity Period Extended to Four Years

The U.S. Department of State has recently made a favorable change to Mexico E-2 Visas, increasing the validity period from one year to four years. This means that eligible Mexican nationals applying for an E-2 Visa may now be approved for up to 48 months of unrestricted travel into the U.S. on their Mexican passport.
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4 Post-Pandemic Business Trends That Are Here To Stay Featured

4 Post-Pandemic Business Trends that are Here to Stay

At this point, most people are sick of the term “new normal” but there doesn’t seem to be another term that captures what we are settling into as succinctly. The pandemic has not only impacted individuals’ daily lives, but it has also impacted how businesses run in nearly every way, from internal operations to customer interactions.
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Why To Seek Business Opportunities In The United States - Blog Featured Image - 700x394

Why to Seek Business Opportunities in the United States

As a foreigner, gaining temporary or permanent residency in the United States can be challenging. However, if you are in the position to invest in, start, purchase, open a new office/brand, or run a business that can benefit the United States economy, there are a number of viable options. These include the E-2 and EB-5, and L-1A visa programs, among others.
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Don’t Let Your Business Plan Collect Dust: When (and Why) to Review & Update This Vital Document

Many companies only create a business plan when seeking outside funding. This is unfortunate as there are many advantages to an internal business plan (LINK: Utilizing a business plan internally can significantly increase the odds you’ll be successful. However, a business plan that is never updated will quickly become irrelevant.
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