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The E2 Visa: Do You Qualify?

We covered that there are two major ways to invest in a business in order to obtain an E2 visa

E2 Visa Qualifications

Recently, we covered that there are two major ways to invest in a business in order to obtain an E2 visa. The E2 Visa, it has been said, is the next best thing to permanent residency, allowing holders to come and go as they please, provided they meet certain visa requirements, and requiring a fairly low minimum investment. However, there are three basic requirements that investors interested in obtaining the E2 need to meet in order to be considered.

Country of Citizenship – The E2 visa is reserved for citizens of countries that the USA holds specific treaties with. You can check for your country on the US. Department of State’s website

Ownership of Business – You must either own the business you are going to be working in the US with, or it must be at minimum 50% owned by other nationals of the country your origin. Either way, you must be either the owner or a key employee to qualify.

Investment Capital & Job Creation– While there is no minimum, applicants or their companies must have made a significant investment in the US, for the ultimate purpose of setting up a business that will create jobs within the US.

There are many minor details in addition to these basic requirements that individuals and businesses alike will have to keep in mind in order to meet all the requirements, and we strongly suggest that you work with a reliable and experienced advisor. Contact us now to learn more.

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