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EB-2 NIW Personal Business Plan Questionnaire Companion

Joorney questionnaires are specifically made to help us prepare the perfect business plan for you. We’ve provided additional explanations to help you fill out the form easily and get your custom-made professional business plan as early as possible.


This is the main or primary applicant. We do not mention the spouse, children, or other family members in this business plan.


State your job title with information about what your job entails. Ensure that the job title stated on your application is consistent on all your applications. We will check – or ask you to check – with your immigration attorney to ensure your job titles are consistent.

It is important that we know the previous positions in which you have held the position of manager or executive, as well as what your primary duties are in your current leadership position.

Here are a few real examples: EB2-NIW Samples

[Image 1 – Part 1]

[Image 1 – Part 2]

[Image 1 – Part 3]

[image 2]

[Image 3]


Reflect on how you envision your personal growth and professional growth over the next ten years. Please be realistic and sensible. It’s important to show at least some growth and provide a detailed explanation of how that growth will be achieved, outlining the exact steps you will take to work on your development.

What are your future steps? How do your personal and professional goals align with your current job title? Do your future plans align with yours in your current title?

View example 4 (Pilot)

View example 5 (Pilot)

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