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Business Plans Writing Services

Starting price$ 4,000

Days until first draft:10-15 days

Number of pages:35-60 Pages

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  • Multilingual Team
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Personalized Business Plan
  • Professional Graphic Design

Immigration Plans

EB5 Visa Business Plan

A Direct Eb5 Visa Business Plan needs to meet Matter of Ho Requirements.
Our experts create these every day and are ready to assist you.


  • Business Description
  • Industry & Market Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Personnel Plan
  • Financial Projections (5 years)
  • Matter of Ho Compliant

EB5 Direct Visa Business Plan Writing Details

There are two different ways to invest through the EB5 visa program:

(1) EB5 Direct Investment Visa: Invest directly into a new or existing business, with a minimum investment of $900,000 or $1,800,000, depending on whether or not the business is et-up in a Target Employment Area (TEA).

(2) EB5 Regional Center Visa: Invest through a regional center EB5 project, which offers the flexibility of multiple investment options without the hassle of day-to-day management of the business. In this case, the business plan is written for the Regional Center themselves, not for the investor.

Whichever visa option you choose, both require an extensive and professionally written business plan. At Joorney, well-crafted business plans are our expertise. Call our team of specialized consultants and professional writers to learn more.

We Are Multilingual

With our team of international consultants, every interaction with Joorney can be in the language you’re most comfortable with. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, and Italian.

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EB5 Direct Visa Business Plan Writing Details

EB5 Visa Business Plan Samples

Real Estate
Real Estate
View EB5 Visa Sample for Real Estate Industry
Wholesale Products
Wholesale Products
View EB5 Visa Sample for Wholesale Products Industry
View EB5 Visa Sample for Hotel Industry
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