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Starting price$2,000

Days until first draft:7-10 days

Number of pages:30-50 Pages

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  • Multilingual Team
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Personalized Business Plan
  • Professional Graphic Design

Immigration Plans

H1B Visa Business Plan

H1B visas are one of the most competitive visa options available.
Having a professional business plan will help you answer USCIS questions before they even ask them.


  • Business Description
  • Industry Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Personnel Plan
  • Financial Projections (5 years)

H1B Visa Business Plan Writing Details

H1B Visa Business Plan Writing Details For any US-based company seeking to hire highly skilled and qualified foreign employees, the H1B visa is a practical solution. The H1B visa gives employees to stay in the United States for a period of up to 3 years but it’s also extendable to up to 6 years.

Much of the program’s appeal comes from the ability for H1B visa’s recognition as a Dual Intent Visa, allowing visa holders the chance to change their immigration status to permanent resident. However, the USCIS has a limited cap at 65,000, plus an additional 20,000 issued to Master’s degree, or higher, holding applicants, making the H1B visa one of the most competitive visa options offered by USCIS.

Even though H1B applicants aren’t starting a business in the United States, the sponsoring company should provide a fact-based and well-developed business plan of their own to support and justify the reasons for hiring a foreign applicant.

Our team of specialists has years of experience in writing H1B visa business plans, making them USCIS-ready. Our professionally trained writers have experience in over 120 industries and know what exactly USCIS looks for. Let us help you on your journey with a custom-tailored H1B visa business plan.

We Are Multilingual

With our team of international consultants, every interaction with Joorney can be in the language you’re most comfortable with. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, and Italian.

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H1B Visa Business Plan Writing Details

H1B Visa Business Plan Samples

Real Estate
Real Estate
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Hospitality Business
Hospitality Business
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Hospitality Business
Educational Consulting
View H1B Visa Sample for Educational Consulting Industry
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