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USCIS-Ready EB-5 Regional Center Business Plan

Support your EB-5 Regional Center visa application with a custom-made business plan that meets all the requirements.

Starting Price Custom
Days Until First Draft
10-15 days Rush service available
Number of Pages 60-100 pages
What You Get:
Dedicated Team
Industry Expertise
Flat Rate Pricing
Unlimited Revisions
Matter of Ho Compliant
Professional Graphic Design
What's Included:
Business Description
Industry Analysis
Market Analysis
Feasibility Analysis
Marketing Plan
Financial Projections (5 years)


Perfect Business Plan That Shows Your Vision

Because the EB-5 Regional Center program offers a path to U.S. permanent residency and citizenship, the business plan becomes a crucial component of your application. It outlines all details of your endeavor and proves that your investment will have an economic growth and job creation impact in the area where you’re investing through the Regional Center.


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Designed for Regional Center Investors

Regional Centers serve as conduits between foreign investors seeking U.S. green cards and investment opportunities within the United States, recognized and designated by the USCIS. These entities, which can be private, public, or governmental, focus on funneling investments into USCIS-approved projects eligible under the EB-5 program. The essence of the Regional Center’s role lies in its ability to apply these investments toward projects that not only meet the stringent criteria set forth by the EB-5 program but also promise to yield the desired economic impact, thereby facilitating the investors’ path toward obtaining a green card.

Understanding the complexities and specific requirements of creating a Regional Center Business Plan is our specialty. Our service is tailored to support various stages of the Regional Center designation process, whether you are at the initial stages without a ready-to-start project, possess a shovel-ready project and aim to obtain a Regional Center designation, or already have a designation and are looking to add new projects.

Crafting a Regional Center Business Plan demands a profound level of expertise, skill, and adherence to Matter of Ho compliance. Our team of professional consultants with experience across more than 160 industries will ensure that your business plan meets the high standards required for success in the EB-5 program.

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our Process

Step by Step

Step 1 Discovery Call

We discuss the details of your endeavor, such as visa type, your goals and vision, timelines, and more.

Step 2 Contract & Invoice

Immediately after the discovery call, we finalize our contract and send you the invoice. We're ready to start your project!

Step 3 Questionnaire

You receive our comprehensive questionnaire, designed specifically to allow you to easily share the details of your endeavor with us. We'll use this knowledge to create your custom-made business plan.

Step 4 Review

Upon receiving your complete questionnaire, our team analyzes the answers and reaches out to you in case of any missing data or additional questions.

Step 5 Writing Process

Your dedicated team creates the first draft of your custom business plan, usually within 7 to 10 days (or 5 days for Rush service!).

Step 6 Optional Revisions

We optimize the document based on feedback from you and your attorney. We offer unlimited revisions!

Step 7 Final Design

Once the content of the business plan is finalized, your dedicated graphic designer creates a beautiful and functional layout. Your business plan is ready!

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EB-5 Regional Center Business Plan

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