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Law Knowledge Oasis in Vegas - 2022 AILA Las Vegas Combined Event Recap

Joorney Event | AILA Las Vegas

We had a unique opportunity to get to know some future immigration attorneys and law firm owners at 2022 AILA Las Vegas. The two-day event combined The 2022 AILA Fundamentals of Immigration Law Conference and Webcast and The 2022 AILA Business School for Immigration Attorneys Conference and Webcast

Dairung Chiang, Executive Vice President, enjoyed conversing about business plans’ importance for immigration. We hope you enjoyed it, too. 

We are certain some of Joorney’s services are of interest to the upcoming immigration attorneys: 

Attorneys that are opening their law firm will benefit from Joorney’s non-immigration services: 

 This unique event wraps up Joorney Business Plans’ attendance for 2022. We are delighted that this year we met immigration professionals at multiple live events. 


We have also been busy with webinars about immigration law where our partners, known, experienced immigration professionals, discuss visa programs. You can still rewatch them on our YouTube channel: 

Thank you for your time and support. We look forward to talking with you at the 2023 events! 

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