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Networking and Collaboration Opportunities at AM&AA 2023 Winter Conference

– Joorney at AM&AA 2023 Winter Conference | February 8th – 9th

Joorney Advisory is starting 2023 events with the AM&AA 2023 Winter Conference at Vinoy Renaissance in St. Petersburg, Florida, the historical meeting spot of excellence and betterment. 

This event fosters deals made in the old fashioned face-to-face way, which we are proudly supporting by sponsoring this AM&AA conference. 

The two days will be focused on delivering exceptional educational content that raises the attendees’ expertise with the knowledge of the latest M&A trends, going further with the extended network of some of the best M&A professionals in the industry. 

Joorney Business Plans at LIV AMÉRICA - FÓRUM SP 2022

AM&AA Winter Conference 2023

Joorney Business Plans at LIV AMÉRICA - FÓRUM SP 2022

February 8th – 9th, 2023

Joorney Business Plans at LIV AMÉRICA - FÓRUM SP 2022

The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club 

Joorney Business Plans at LIV AMÉRICA - FÓRUM SP 2022

Matthew Wolf, Head of Joorney Advisory

We kindly recommend the session “How Outsourcing Can Increase Your Efficiency – Marketing.” Outsourcing certain tasks to specialized professionals can free up valuable time and resources that can be better spent on core business functions. Experienced outsourcing partners can bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and increased efficiency to your marketing efforts, helping you to stay ahead of the competition. We highly recommend you attend this session and receive tools to strategically plan your work and confidently move through every Deal Cycle.

Further, ensure you are collecting and sharing only the highest quality information by partnering with Joorney Advisory. Our 10 years of experience in dealing with sensitive information brought us to the front of the business documentation writing service industry in the US. 

You don’t need to delay getting your deals to market by crafting a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) or a Teaser, or checking thousands of contacts for a Buyers List. We at Joorney Advisory can help you speed up and finalize deals by allowing you to only concentrate on the transaction while we take care of the rest.

Come to Joorney’s booth and discuss partnership opportunities with Matt Wolf, our Head of Advisory with more than 15 years of experience in advisory and investment transactions. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you there! 

Matt Wolf Joorney Business Plans

Matthew Wolf,  Head of Joorney Advisory

Matt WolfMatt brings 15 years of investment banking advisory and transactional experience to the Advisory team. He has advised on over 40 transactions and 100s of startup clients across different industries and geographies. Matt is fluent in the lifecycle of transactions ranging from $1MM to $250MM and has led such transactions from valuation and deal structuring to distribution, capital raising and negotiation for a variety of ventures and corporations at different stages of their development.

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