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The Cornerstone To Your Success – The Business Plan

The process of creating and writing a business plan for your business will help you.

Just as a builder uses a blueprint to make sure that a building will be structurally sound before it is built, the process of creating and writing a business plan for your business will help you determine whether your business will be strong from the start. A business plan defines your business and its objectives. It is often needed to avoid big mistakes, and can also serve as a document to counterbalance your emotions and impulse decisions, make sure all parties implicated in the business are on the same page, develop an action plan, and raise capital. Businesses without a plan leave too many things to chance, and can easily get off-target. Revenues will suffer as a result.

However, unlike building blueprints, business plans can be changed and adapted to your business’s changes needs. So even if in the past your business has a business plan, it may be worth revisiting and updating to ensure that it reflects your business’s current goals and projections. Paige Brown, a member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council and CEO of Booking Market puts it best when she states that “Writing a business plan or putting together an investor deck allows you to think more clearly about what you’re doing and where you are going. The key point to remember though is that the minute that your business plan hits the printer it is already out of date, so don’t depend on it as your to-do list. Think of it as a roadmap.”

Business plans serve countless purposes and are a part of almost every legal business proceeding in the US. They can be produced for:

– Immigration Purposes, such as support for an E-2, EB-5, or HB-1 Visas
– Creating a new business or Growing/Expanding an existing business
– Seeking investment for a business or Backing up a Business Loan Application
– Selling or Valuating a business

CEOs have long touted the many advantages of a business plan, but for many, the tediousness and time consumption of the task is often the biggest hindrance to its completion. At Joorney, we wanted to make the process as simple as possible for everyone involved. We have made it our mission to produce only quality business plans, tailored to meet any need, but at a cost, small business owners can appreciate. Every one of our business plan packages includes an initial consultation meeting where our experienced business plan writers get to know your business and strategize on the best way to introduce your idea to the right people. We know what immigration, banks, and venture capitalist are looking for and can write your plan accordingly. Talk to us today to see how we can help you create a plan that can put your business on the path to where you’ve always seen it going.

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