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Business Plans for Immigration: Insights from VisaPlace and Joorney

Updated 26.03.24 5 minutes read
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On Wednesday, 15th February, VisaPlace held a Facebook Live event on ‘Business Plans for US Immigration.’ The captivating event was hosted by Fadi Minawi, Managing Director at VisaPlace. Marianella Manzur, Director of Sales & Marketing at Joorney Business PlanPlans, was an invited guest, sharing her expertise on the importance of business plans for E2, L1, and EB5 visas.

Marianella answered eager questions about how to create a successful business plan for immigration purposes. She gave insight into the important components of such plans, including an overview of your company, evaluating relevant markets and developing strategies to reach them, mastering marketing tactics, and setting realistic financial goals.

Discussions focused on working closely with a lawyer so that the business plan adheres to the immigration application. The range of fees for a business plan can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the services required.

The length of time it takes to complete a business plan can also vary, but Joorney has a streamlined process and a dedicated team to ensure timely delivery. As part of its commitment to keeping up with the latest market and industry trends, Joorney uses a variety of sources.

In terms of specific visa types, the essential elements of an L-1 business plan and how it differs from an E-2 business plan. The role of the business plan in an EB-5 application and the specific requirements it must meet. The samples below provide a deeper look into the expertise Joorney proves through our business plans.

During the webinar, Marianella explained that Joorney is familiar with a wide range of industries and has experience working with both start-ups and established companies. She highlighted that Joorney’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction are what sets them apart from other business plan companies.

Overall, the Facebook Live event provided valuable insights and information on the importance of business plans for US immigration. Additionally, answering various questions and concerns from the audience, making it an informative and engaging event.

Thank you, Visa Place, for inviting us to discuss everything about Joorney Business Plans.