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E1 Visa Application Process

Updated 27.03.24 5 minutes read

While the E1 visa application is a non-immigrant visa, unlimited two-year extensions make the program an excellent and attractive option for traders looking to establish long-term substantial trade between the US and their native country.

As with most Visa applications, the USCIS sets forth the requirements for E-1 visa approval and leave it up to each applicant to prove that they have indeed fulfilled all requisites. While it is not specifically named among the list of required documents, the business plan has long served as a thorough method of proving a burden of proof sufficient to USCIS standards. In fact, according to a USCIS report published in reference to section 8 CFR 214.2(e)(11) of the code:

The 5-year business plan enables the Service to gauge progress toward tangible goals after the enterprise is in place. It recognizes the business reality that often, in situations involving start-up, change of ownership/management, or acquisitions, businesses may show little actual initial profit, but with proper planning, development, and direction, the business should generate more than enough income to provide a minimal living for the investor and his or her family.

When creating E1 Visa Business Plan, a business plan writer must be sure to carefully detail each aspect of how the applicant meets requirements, which can be accomplished within sections that most business professionals already expect to find within a Business Plan’s pages.

Detailed and Well Developed Business Descriptions, for example, are capable of providing background on the applicant’s Company in the Treaty Country, as well as in the United States. All details relating to how trade will be conducted can be clearly and simply described along with transportation channels, sourcing details, and product descriptions.

An In-Depth Market Study will demonstrate that substantial trade can be supported by the local market, and evaluate possible demand trends. Further, the inclusion of a market analysis indicates to USCIS that the Trader has done his homework to locate the best location for the development of his business prior to applying for an E1 Treaty Trader Visa.

The 5-year Financial and Sales Analysis is probably one of the most important sections of the E1 immigration visa business plan, as it details the financial viability of a trade operation. This section can be exceptionally useful for applications seeking for renewal of their visa once the 2-year duration has come to an end.

Collectively, this information provides USCIS with an overall analysis of not only how your trade in the US will be launched, but can also detail how you intend to keep it going. In all cases, a business plan serves to provide supplementary and detailed information. In E1 Treaty Trader Visa applications, this is no different. However, the business plan also serves an additional purpose that is specifically useful to E1 visa applicants: it can demonstrate that the Company you are establishing will thrive for a long period of time, aiding your chances of securing future extensions.

Our writers and account managers have completed thousands of immigration business plans, including many visa business plans for E-1 visa applications. Through our process, they are capable of getting to know the details of each unique visa circumstance in order to craft a USCIS application-ready document.

At Joorney Business Plans, we’ve worked with countless immigration attorneys for clients from around the world to produce quality, professional business plans specifically as supporting documentation for immigration visa applications and petitions. Our expert writers and unique and personalized approach allow us to produce immigration business plans that meet and exceed USCIS requirements, facilitating the road to US Immigration by streamlining the business plan writing process.