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E2 Investor Visa to the USA for Israelis

Easier entry for Entrepreneurs

Demand for investor visas to the US from Israeli citizens is sure to rise now that a treaty investor agreement between Tel Aviv and Washington is in effect. This means a lower barrier of entry for Israeli entrepreneurs.

The agreement, which became operational on May 1, allows Israeli investors to apply for non-immigrant visas to the US to move or expand their businesses or to purchase an existing US business (known as E-2 visas).

While the number of Israeli E-2 visa applicants in the early days following the treaty’s implementation is not yet public, State Department statistics show that the E-2 visa is popular. The US received nearly 55,000 E-2 visa applications in the fiscal year 2018, down slightly from close to 58,000 applications in the fiscal year 2017.

Easier entry for entrepreneurs

Israel will no doubt have plenty of aspiring applicants. Over the years, Joorney has helped many Israelis obtain L1 US visas, which are reserved for established businesses sending a manager to the US to establish an office or a branch, an option unavailable for early-stage enterprises.

In the past few years, we’ve seen Israeli companies coming over with a Series A or B funding round almost in hand, which is four or five years into their company, says Benjamin Jarmon, Joorney’s CEO. “ The big benefit here is a lower barrier of entry with an E-2 visa. Israeli entrepreneurs can now prove their concept in the US before having secured additional funding.

Welcome, Israeli Tech entrepreneurs

Israel has been known as a “startup nation” for quite a while and its tech industry growth is unparalleled. Israel’s tech sector has raised an impressive $5.24 Billion in 2017 with a 9% increase over 2016’s $4.83 Billion. The average financing round in 2017 netted Israeli tech companies $8.5 million vs. an average of $4.6 million in 2013.

In the last decade, a major expansion has emerged from Israel’s research & development (R&D) sector stemming out of the universities, research institutes, and the military sphere, creating a booming high technology economy. This has led to Israel quickly creating new technology-based companies with innovative, market-focused products which often look to bring their companies to the US markets.

Joorney Comment: “We’re very excited to see more Israeli companies come to the US to add to the existing amazing pool of immigrant entrepreneurs.”

From the Immigration Business Plan writer’s perspective

An existing investor business plan or pitch deck may not be the right fit for immigration purposes. At Joorney, we created a business plan diagnosis service for attorneys who use it with their clients. As a third-party expert on the investor immigration space, our business plan diagnosis service is a two-page document that clearly explains how an existing business plan works or not for immigration purposes. Don’t be afraid to send those cases over.

We built our business helping attorneys help their clients and are proud to say we are leaders in the immigration business plan industry.

Joorney is your trusted partner

We know the visa process. We know what immigration officials look for in an E-2 visa application, and we know how to tailor a business plan for this unique audience. We are excited about the opportunity this treaty brings for Israeli citizens and ready to assist them on their Joorney.

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