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Get Ready for L1As Visas from China

L1As visas from China
Paul Monson

Paul Monson

Partner at Joorney Business Plans


With wait times moving to a decade for Chinese applicants, the attractiveness of the EB5 visa program is decreasing. But a gigantic industry and immigration marketing system has been built over EB5 in China. What’s going to happen to that? and how is it going to affect all US investor visas?

EB5 Law Firms are going to have to market E2 and L1 visa solutions to help the current Chinese investors move faster into the US and keep EB5 as a long-term plan.

Chinese Agents

have built gigantic funnels of EB5 applicants
that were not necessarily qualified for EB5 but may now qualify for E2 and L1.

So in the near future, we will probably see:
– Less EB5 applications from China
– More E2 from “buy your citizenship through investment” solutions
– A lot more L1s from China


Get Ready!

At Joorney, we’ve been catering to Chinese L1As for the past 5 years with over 500 Chinese L1 business plans written. We have an Chinese accommodating staff and we’ll make sure you can handle this massive inflow of new customers.

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