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Webinar Recap — Pathways towards the EB2-NIW for Information Technology (IT) and Energy Sector Professionals

Updated 26.03.24 8 minutes read
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We were joined by two immigration professionals familiar with the EB2-NIW visa, Isht Vatsa and Alyssa Giordano, both of Extraordinary Immigration PLLC, for a very informative discussion about how engineers and other highly skilled workers in IT and the energy sector are successfully using the EB2-NIW visa as a path to living and working in the United States.

As our guests pointed out, the EB2 is a broad visa category that covers a huge range of talents, skills, and contributions, so it’s difficult to talk about a single path forward that applies to everyone.

Still, there are some basics to cover in terms of eligibility, self-petitioning, satisfying the “national interest” part of the “national interest waiver”, along with many other aspects of the EB2 visa category.

As always, we had a great Q&A session after the main part of the discussion was done, with lots of good questions from those in attendance.


You can watch the full presentation above or go through the highlights of the webinar below.

Basics of the EB2-NIW

Professionals and skilled workers of all kinds from many sectors apply for the EB2 visa, but they all have to follow some basic rules. That’s our starting point here as Isht gets things started with a brief overview of some of the most important basic rules and guidelines attached to this visa category.

The Dhanasar test and the NIW

The biggest source of complexity when discussing the EB2-NIW visa is the second part, the “NIW”, or “national interest waiver”. Demonstrating why a particular applicant meets the standard for receiving a waiver based on exceptional talent involves some subjectivity, but there are still useful things to bear in mind when trying to show why a person is qualified for it. Both of our guests contribute to a better understanding of the standards involved here.

Explaining your plans (with a business plan)

Explaining what you want to do in the US is a key component of the EB2-NIW application process. Showing its value to the national economy and proving that your activities will have national importance are musts. Also, it must be clear that you, as the applicant, are well-situated to drive the project to success, which means supplying evidence and documentation.

This is where a business plan comes in, and while not technically required, it is very beneficial for the reasons our guests and host shared during the webinar.

What are the biggest challenges that come with an EB2-NIW application?

Every administrative process comes with challenges, and the EB2-NIW visa is no exception. In addition to significant processing time backlogs, especially for applicants from India and China, our guests take us through a list of other challenges to overcome, including finding and presenting the right documentation, getting recommendation letters from the right people, and more.

Q&A time

We wrapped things up by asking some questions provided by the audience. As usual, the quality and variety of the questions were great!

You can watch the entire webinar on our YouTube channel, where you will find more useful content and interesting presentations.

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