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How a Solid Business Plan Can Help Pilots With Their EB-2 NIW Visa Application

Updated 16.07.24 7 minutes read
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If you are a pilot seeking employment opportunities in the United States, an EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) visa can be your best option. The EB-2 NIW visa for pilots offers an opportunity for highly skilled or exceptional talents to become green card holders without the need for a valid employment letter or sponsorship in the U.S.

Submitting documentation of your training and experience as a pilot is of course required but there are other forms of documentation that can help make a stronger case for a pilot’s application for an EB-2 NIW visa.

Even though it isn’t specifically required for an EB-2 NIW visa application, immigration authorities have recently begun to ask for business plans to support and explain the applicant’s case. These business plans can help to clarify the applicant’s plans for their professional lives in the U.S., thus further demonstrating their value. 

This post will show how the addition of a business plan to an EB-2 NIW application can make it more compelling, what that business plan should cover and why Joorney is the perfect choice for providing it.

How a business plan helps pilots get EB-2 NIW visas. 

The Role of a Business Plan in EB-2 NIW Applications

A well-written business plan for an EB-2 NIW visa application can help demonstrate why the granting of the visa is based on the applicant’s substantial merit and how he or she helps to solve an issue of national importance, which is a key eligibility requirement.

The plan should include industry and market analyses that highlight relevant aspects of the industry and the unique value of the proposed endeavor. This is especially important for applicants seeking the EB-2 NIW visa.

Ultimately, a business plan demonstrates that the applicant is well-qualified and has a solid plan for contributing to the U.S. economy or other aspects of national interest.

In the case of pilots, the business plan may not be the kind you’re familiar with since the applicant is using his or her talent or skill as the “business” to be developed. Instead, the business plan in this case explains how the applicant plans to leverage the skill of being a pilot into larger economic activity. 

In addition to flying aircraft as a salaried employee, a pilot could, for example, start a flight school, provide consulting services or base some other business activity on the knowledge that comes with being a pilot. 

Detailing any business plans for the future in the U.S. will establish:

  • A positive impact of the proposed business idea on the US economy.
  • Creation of local job opportunities with permanent full-time positions for citizens or PR.
  • Better wages and working environment for Americans.

Furthermore, a comprehensive and thoroughly researched business plan will also show how:

  • The applicant’s academic qualifications or exceptional abilities can help to develop specific skills in the future pilots and aid in their professional growth.  
  • The applicant’s business endeavor can actually serve the national interest by addressing the shortage of highly skilled workers in the U.S. aviation industry.  

It is imperative to conduct in-depth market research to clearly understand the potential issues related to your proposed business idea. The market research must support the conclusion that your proposed business endeavor will benefit the US economy.  

Two types of business plans are available for EB-2 NIW visa applicants: Personal or Professional Plans and Company or Business Plans. Each type of plan caters to different situations and goals.

Personal or Professional Plan

A personal or professional plan is ideal for EB-2 NIW visa applicants who do not have a company as part of their application strategy. This plan focuses on showcasing the exceptional ability of the applicant, as well as the benefits of their proposed business. 

This plan includes the applicant’s professional background, qualifications, and experience. It also highlights their research, publications, awards, or other achievements that showcase their exceptional ability. The plan also demonstrates how the applicant’s proposed endeavor will benefit the US economy or other aspects of its national interest.

Company or Business Plan

A company or business plan is recommended when the applicant plans to establish a company.

This type of plan includes information regarding the business and highlights job creation and financial projections for the next five years.

This plan typically includes an executive summary, company description, industry analysis, marketing and sales strategies, financial projections, management and personnel, and supporting documents. It can also include market research and competitive analyses that demonstrate the company’s unique value proposition.

In both cases, the business plan should showcase the national interest strategy and the overall benefit to the US.

How a business plan helps pilots get EB-2 NIW visas.

Tips for Writing an Effective Business Plan for the EB-2 NIW Application

A well-crafted business plan enhances the appeal and merit of any EB-2 NIW visa application. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a plan:

Highlight the unique value proposition of the proposed endeavor: The business plan should illustrate how the proposed business is unique and will bring value to the US economy, culture, or other aspects of national interest.

Include detailed financial projections: The business plan should include financial projections that demonstrate the viability of the proposed endeavor. These projections should cover a period of at least five years and should include revenue and expense projections.

Demonstrate the applicant’s qualifications and experience: The business plan should showcase the applicant’s exceptional ability, professional experience, academic qualifications, or other relevant skills. 

Emphasize the overall benefit of the proposed endeavor for the US: The business plan should clearly demonstrate the overall economic benefit of the proposed business for the US. 

Conduct thorough industry and market research: To demonstrate the national interest strategy and the importance of the particular field for the U.S., it is essential to conduct thorough research on the industry and market. This research should include current trends, market size, and competition.

Why Joorney is the Right Choice for EB-2 NIW Applicants

At Joorney, we specialize in writing business plans for EB-2 NIW visa applicants. We understand the importance of a convincing business plan that shows how the proposed business aligns with the needs of the U.S. economy. 

Here are the top reasons why Joorney Business Plans is the right choice for EB-2 NIW visa applicants:

  • Expertise in writing business plans for EB-2 NIW visa applicants: We write over 3,000 business plans yearly for this visa type and have worked with over 1,000 lawyers on these projects. This high volume of completed plans has given us vast expertise in the specific requirements of EB-2 NIW visa applications.
  • Customized plans tailored to your specific situation and goals: We understand that every applicant’s situation and goals are unique. Therefore, we work closely with each client to create a customized plan that tells their story and maximizes their chances of success.
  • Experience in various industries and fields: Our team of writers has experience in various industries and fields, from IT & Software to the arts. This breadth of experience allows us to craft plans specific to each applicant’s industry and field of practice.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy: We understand the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in business plans for EB-2 NIW visa applications. Our team of writers and editors thoroughly reviews each plan to ensure that it meets the specific requirements of the application process.

Let Joorney help your career in the U.S. take off! 

A well-written business plan can make all the difference when it comes to an EB-2 NIW visa application. It can showcase the national interest strategy, demonstrate the exceptional ability of the applicant, and highlight the overall benefit to the U.S.

Our team of international, multilingual consultants at Joorney understands the importance of crafting a high-quality business plan that meets the specific requirements of the EB-2 NIW visa application process. We want to help you tell your story and showcase your potential so that you can take the next step toward achieving your goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we partner with immigration attorneys or want to get started on your EB-2  project, reach out to us today.


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