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How Joorney Helps SOS Franchising Grow and Expand

Updated 20.05.24 7 minutes read
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As Director of Franchise Development with SOS Franchising, which manages a growing chain of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) centers for children with special needs, Joe Souza knows something about the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs. 

After all, he has helped Success on the Spectrum (SOS) to become the largest autism treatment center franchise in the United States. Four years after starting with just two locations in their home state of Texas, SOS has grown to an impressive sixty-six locations across fourteen states, and their success suggests that number will continue to rise in the coming years. 

Joe’s Approach to SOS’ Development

For Joe, being in charge of SOS’ development has meant engaging with potential franchisees from the initial discovery stage all the way through signing the franchise agreement. This has often involved assisting potential franchise owners with no prior business or industry experience in navigating the process and understanding how to get a new franchise off the ground and on the way to success. 

As part of his guidance through the process, Joe says he recommends that anyone who wants to move forward do so with a business loan as their form of financing, like an SBA loan, even for those who have their own resources. In many situations, it’s just a smarter way to do business, and the experience of their many franchisees confirms it. 

Partnering with Joorney

Joe began recommending Joorney to those interested in partnering with SOS who also needed a small business loan. His faith in Joorney’s ability to deliver the quality business plans that SOS franchisees needed for their loan applications was rewarded when he began tracking loan approval rates. 

“Bear in mind that the business plan is only one component of the process and things like liquidity, credit and other factors have an influence on the application, but for the candidates that truly decide to move forward (with Joorney business plans), virtually all of them have been approved.”

It didn’t take long for Joe to make Joorney his go-to source for help with candidate business plan needs. 

“We were pleased with the process (with Joorney), and we stopped recommending anybody else. Joorney is the only one we recommend to our candidates who are in need of a business plan and don’t know how to do that themselves.”

Joe also says that franchisees have related their experiences with Joorney as well. 

“As far as the feedback I’ve heard from candidates who were able to secure funding and decided to use Joorney’s services, they say the work was extremely good, reliable and working with Joorney was very easy. I haven’t had a single complaint.”

“It’s a great thing for us, as a franchisor,” he adds. “We’ve been pleased because all those who have decided to become SOS franchisees and used Joorney’s services have been successful.”

Dealing with Limited Resources

Joe believes the value of a partner like Joorney is especially helpful for emerging brands like SOS.  

“When you are growing a brand you are always very limited by the amount of resources you have, especially when it comes to your staff. This means at times we can feel a bit overwhelmed. Having an affiliate that can really take ownership of a portion of the process helps us tremendously.”

“I used to be much more involved in talking about business plans, which is time-consuming, and having Joorney take ownership of that really freed me up to do what I do best,” says Joe. “That’s why I would highly recommend working with Joorney because that lets development teams focus on what they’re good at.”

“One of the smartest things you can do in business is to partner with people who are good at doing things that you’re not good at. That’s why I recommend that anyone looking for a business plan use Joorney.”

As successful as Joe and SOS have been, they’re still motivated by a sincere dedication to providing a much-needed service to children and families with unique needs. The positive impact on the communities where SOS is present is clear. 

“This is very personal to all of us,” says Joe. “I am an autism parent myself, so this is something very near to my heart. The fact that we are able to help other families with quality and care is a real blessing. We’re glad to have such strong and reliable partners like Joorney in this process.”

Joining Forces with Joorney

The team at Joorney is proud to partner with Joe Souza and others like him who are working to make their communities better and provide access to needed services. 

If your business journey or those of anyone you advise or support calls for a business plan to help make entrepreneurial dreams come true, reach out to us today to learn more about our business plans.