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Joorney in Brazil: LIV AMÉRICA - FÓRUM SP 2022

 Workshop | Immigrate and Invest in the US

On August 25th, Joorney had the pleasure of attending LIV America – Forum SP 2022, the first immigration forum by DM Visa Law, direct from the US to Brazil. 

We were grateful to be able to meet our friends, partners, and new clients at LIV America Forum and experience Brazilian hospitality.

In a workshop format, the central portion of the event featured five renowned panelists who spoke about immigration topics: visas, the real estate market, tax planning, and health and life insurance. Apart from our host Ingrid Domingues-McConville, panelists were Rodrigo Constantino, Cássio Faccin, Joao H. Gomes, Paul Laib, and American Heritage School.

The main purpose was to advise the participants from Brazil who are planning to migrate to America. In the intimate setting, the attention was put on participants’ individual cases, and 130 participants got the golden opportunity to get information directly from the experts. 

Joorney At Liv America Forum
Eliana And Joorney At Liv America
Eliana Gimenes At Sao Paolo Event

Joorney was honored to be represented by our Vice President of Sales for Latin America, Eliana Gimenes. She spoke about setting up a business for success in the U.S. with the assistance of Joorney in the form of Market Research, Feasibility Assessments, and EB2-NIW Business Plans.

In the immigration process, the most important factor besides the applicant is their support, which we are happy to be a part of. In our host’s words, investing in yourself is the safest investment. 

Our next stop? Our free live webinar! Click here for more details! 

Thank you, LIV America Forum and Domingues McConville P.A., for the pleasant experience! We are looking forward to the next forum!

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