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Joorney in Immigration Lawyers Toolbox Magazine – Issue 3

Paul Monson
Updated 26.03.24 3 minutes read
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We have all felt the impact of the pandemic. The U.S economy is slowly but surely recovering and things are starting to feel “normal” again. Unfortunately, many businesses have not performed as expected. In terms of immigration, this often means they didn’t meet the financial projections or the hiring plans they expected. This can make renewals difficult and RFEs likely but, don’t despair!  There is a silver lining.

Click the image below to check out the article from Director Paul Monson in the latest issue of Immigration Lawyers Toolbox Magazine to find out what we think Covid-19 may mean for you – or your clients – E-2 or L-1 renewals.

Joorney in Immigration Lawyers Toolbox Magazine - issue 3


  • There is a silver lining for E-2 & L-1 visa businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • COVID-Era visa renewals need to get creative from a business perspective
  • How to respond to an RFE (Request For Evidence) when things didn’t quite work out
  • Shift focus to the future, not explaining away the past