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Joorney to Work Remotely During Coronavirus

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Here at Joorney, we have taken steps to keep our employees safe and do our part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus by transitioning our entire staff to remote work. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate that we were able to seamlessly move to a work-from-home model without any disruption to the business. Our team is fully operational and prepared to remain that way through the duration of COVID-19, regardless of how long regular daily life is disturbed.

We also want to assure our existing clients that our team is in full force and ready to continue offering our award-winning business planning and advisory services without delay. Our work is thankfully going on uninterrupted, so you should not expect any setbacks in the delivery of services. Although the fate of the virus is less certain and the full impact on our country will continue to unfold in the coming days and weeks, if we all do our part we can ensure that our health care systems can continue to function without becoming overrun, ensuring the health of us all.

Joorney to Work Remotely During Coronavirus

There are many reasons to be cautious during COVID-19 and your health is only one of them. In addition to health concerns about the spread of the virus, it’s the secondary impacts that will hit some businesses and individuals the hardest. Schools are closing, leaving parents without childcare. Businesses that don’t have the option of offering their services remotely and are considered “non-essential” are being closed altogether in several states and cities with the numbers growing every day.

This is all quite unnerving, and businesses and individuals alike are understandably concerned. However, during this time of slowed or closed business, a time where health officials are recommending you distance yourself from others and stay home as much as possible, there are some upsides. It is forcing many people to slow down, spend quality time with their families, and be grateful for the simpler things in life.

It can also be an advantageous time for business owners and executives. It is an opportunity to stop working in your business and focus on your business. In the hustle and bustle of everyday business, it can often be difficult to break away or get the distance needed to do this effectively. However, with everyone being forced to retreat and the pace of American life slowing, this may be the most opportune time.

If you’ve been putting off writing your business plan for any reason, or started the process but haven’t had the opportunity to provide the info needed for the process to move forward, this is a great time to progress. Business planning during this time gives you the chance to focus on the future and prepare your business for when things improve. Further, there are many options available for business financing (See: How to Find Money for Your Business for Coronavirus Relief) to help offset losses and disruption from the virus that may require a business plan.

Regardless what your business planning or advisory needs may be during this time, Joorney will be with you every step of the way.

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