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Joorney’s Commercial Business Services 

Updated 26.06.24 5 minutes read
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The path from idea to reality in the world of business has lots of milestones along the way. To get from one to the next, you need determination, ambition and entrepreneurial vigor. You also need the proper documentation to share your vision with others in the business community. 

Why? Because professionally written documentation, like business plans, explains your concept in a language that bankers, investors and other stakeholders can understand at a glance. 

Business plans and other related documentation are what move your project to the next milestone.  

Here at Joorney, our Commercial branch offers focused support in key areas of early-stage business development. 

Read on to find detailed information about the business documentation we provide that helps new businesses take flight, including navigating the complex waters of loans, grants, leases and more. 

SBA/Bank Loan Business Plan

If you’re planning to start a new business, you understand the need to raise capital and the value that a well-written business plan plays. This is especially true if you are applying for a loan through a bank or the Small Business Administration.

Our SBA/Bank Loan Business Plans are particularly customized to meet the exacting standards of these institutions. We know the specific needs for such loans and what these institutions require. The plan naturally focuses on the financial aspects such as the use of equity and the potential return on investment.

If you’ve already gone over the SBA and bank loan calculators and have decided to take the next step in financing your business, Joorney can supply exactly the kind of business plan that you need.

Joorney’s Commercial Business Services

Grant Business Plan

If certain types of grants are possible sources of funding for your project, we can help you come up with a business plan that will meet their extensive and demanding requirements.

Finding the right grant can be very frustrating and a long and winding process, not to mention filled with administrative tasks. Each grant business plan has a unique format due to specific questions grant programs require you to reply to and we can help you answer them. At Joorney, we know exactly what these programs are looking for in grant business plans.

Our skilled team of creators can design a plan that fits your project, gives clarity to your unique idea, and, above all, helps you be understood by those who review your application.

Landlord / Lease Deck Service 

You will need to present a landlord deck to property owners to confirm your company’s ability to pay the rent within the term of the lease, as expected by most commercial real estate companies.

Joorney has extensive experience in developing professionally designed and well-crafted landlord decks for numerous industries. A landlord deck consists of salient details that will evidence how your business will be able to meet the financial terms of your lease contract. Our skilled business plan consultants are well-equipped and know how to address a commercial landlord’s concerns.

We have created hundreds of landlord decks in various industries and you can be sure that we can help you with yours.

Pro Bono Business Plans

Business Plans are usually necessary when starting a business to show how an idea can generate value. This is true for both profit-driven businesses as well non-profit organizations. 

Pro bono business plans are very similar to regular business plans as the message they convey is identical. The purpose is to express your vision and objectives, the funds necessary to realize this vision, and how you will use those funds to create a sustainable structure that will impact society over the long term.

However, as a non-profit entrepreneur, your business plan needs to show that your initiative is not an opportunity but a social necessity. You’ll need potential stakeholders to believe not only in the financial viability of your project but also that its cause is worth the resources they’ll provide, whether it be their time or money.

Joorney helps by providing a free non-profit business plan once per month under a 30-day deadline with a selection process. We believe being a good corporate citizen means helping those who want to change the world for the better. Contact us for more information. 

Joorney’s Commercial Business Services

Business documentation that lights a spark

If you’re in the early stages of trying to move a business idea forward, consider Joorney’s Commercial Business Services. We can help you by providing business plans and other documentation that make you instantly more credible in your search for funding and support. 

With our multilingual team of specialized experts and extensive experience from producing thousands of business plans and other documents on your side, you can advance along the path from idea to reality faster than you think! 

Contact us today to learn more.

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