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Meet Joorney Advisory: The Leading Startup Advisory Company

Head of Advisory, Matt Wolf

Already a leader in the immigration business plan space, Joorney has been expanding its advisory services and created its own stand-alone division; Joorney Advisory (JA). JA offers fee-based, pre-transaction guidance and financial modeling for entrepreneurs seeking to raise money and intermediaries looking for more sell-side engagements.

Transparent fees for detailed deliverables

Our head of advisory, Matt Wolf, says financial modeling will be a key offering. With modeling, you’re making the case for raising money, selling shares, or selling the business. You’re optimizing the financials for the buyer.

Joorney Advisory’s suite of services includes writing business plans, pitch decks, and financial models for companies looking for capital. For intermediaries, we have a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), a detailed description of the investment proposal. JA has a set fee structure with transparent pricing for each deliverable.

Raising money

For entrepreneurs, Joorney’s goal in building its advisory practice is to help them compile a complete and detailed picture of their vision. The pitch deck and business plan, Wolf says, are short-form and long-form narratives, the story behind the business and the team who will be building it.

But investors want more than this. Financial modeling puts meat on the bones and guides entrepreneurs toward requesting the right amount when raising capital. We want the investor to understand the opportunity and take it forward. Top-notch financial modeling shows the entrepreneur is serious and well organized.

Without proper modeling, entrepreneurs usually don’t have a realistic sense of how much capital to raise and when. Raising too little can slow growth, but raising too much can lead to inflated valuations, a serious loss of equity for founders, or problems in future fundraising rounds.

I get so many entrepreneurs who come to me and say they need to raise $2 million, Wolf says. I always ask, ‘Ok, but why.’ Many entrepreneurs don’t have a financial background. They usually don’t know that investors care about the narrative and the team, but they care a whole lot more about the numbers.

Advising intermediaries

For intermediaries with a small staff but good deal flow, Joorney Advisory can build a CIM when given a targetWe’re talking about a comprehensive business overview including the company’s history, sales figures, opportunities for growth, financial modeling and more, Wolf says.

We’ve advised clients who want to grow but don’t have the cash flow to hire at the moment or worry about turnover. We bridge that gap with a comprehensive and professional document that our clients’ end clients don’t even know came from us.

Regardless of the type of client Joorney Advisory works with, the goal is the same.

Our job is to know the market, Wolf says. Our aim is to help you achieve your objective of raising money or selling your business.

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