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Networking at AM&AA 2023 Winter Conference

Joorney at AM&AA 2023 Winter Conference | February 8th – 9th

On February 8th and 9th, Joorney Advisory attended this year’s AM&AA 2023 Winter Conference. The AM&AA Winter Conference is the premier M&A event for bankers, investment professionals, and merger and acquisition advisors. This year apart from the usual main topics that are making more and making larger deals, the networking aspect of the event was largely emphasized. 

Matthew Wolf, Head of Advisory in Joorney, co-hosted the discussion “Table Talk: How Outsourcing Can Increase Your Efficiency” on the first day of the event. Outsourcing is an effective business strategy impacting M&A advisors by providing services that support the deal prep process. Document preparation takes too much time that could be spent more efficiently on making and taking more deals.

Joorney Team can be your back office and help with the following common challenges: 

  1. Valuation uncertainty: Valuation is a critical component of the M&A deal preparation process, but it can be challenging to accurately value a company, especially in industries with rapidly changing market conditions or limited financial data.
  2. Due diligence challenges: Due diligence can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, requiring significant efforts to review financial and legal documents, conduct interviews, and analyze data. Due diligence can also reveal unexpected issues or problems that require additional investigation and negotiation.
  3. Regulatory compliance: M&A transactions are subject to regulatory compliance requirements, which can be complex and vary by industry and jurisdiction. Ensuring compliance with these requirements can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring legal and financial expertise.
  4. Information security: The M&A deal preparation process involves sharing sensitive and confidential information, which can be vulnerable to data breaches or leaks. Ensuring information security and protecting intellectual property can be a significant challenge in the M&A process.

We also have experience with more than 120 industries, whereas a one-person team might have difficulties dealing with multiple industries. 

Your team can be larger but without the hassle of hiring additional analysts, training them, and risking more time spent looking though their work to ensure everything is done right. 

Joorney provides deal preparation services with the following outsourcing support: 

Contact us in case you want to increase the volume of your deals! We’re looking forward to the next opportunity to meet and learn more about M&A from industry giants.

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