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Franchise Statistics_ Reflecting On 2019 Results And The 2020 Outlook Featured

Franchise Statistics on 2019 Results and the 2020 Outlook

The franchising industry is responsible for about 3% of total GDP. Growth in the industry was expected to outpace U.S nominal GDP growth rate in 2020, though this projection was made prior to the pandemic. Final results have yet to be seen as most franchise data is only reported annually.
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Is Your Business A Good Fit To Grow Via Franchising_ Featured

Is Your Business A Good Fit to Grow via Franchising?

Franchising can be an optimal method for business expansion. It allows a business to share in the costs of expansion with franchisees. Because the franchisee will be required to produce most of the capital to open a new location, they become highly motivated to succeed, which is beneficial to both parties. In most cases, franchising allows businesses to grow much faster than they could on their own.
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