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The 3 Main Reasons Why You Should Take Control of Your Brand on Amazon

The first reason is obvious.

Written by:
Raphael Zbili – Weezon, Inc

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The first reason is obvious.

Amazon will reach 10% of US retail and more than 50% of e-commerce in 2020. So if you want to increase your volume Amazon is where it’s happening, brick and mortar is still great but accessing big retailers such as Walmart or small local retailers will require time, energy, and of course money where Amazon is more accessible as long as you find the right talent or the right partner.

Amazon is a combination of common sense, you manage your inventory, your pricing, your promotion, and your adverting in one place.

The second reason is Brand Awareness.

Amazon is a directory, your brand doesn’t exist if you are not on Amazon in 2019. People will search your brand to get other customers’ feedback and reviews. Also, brick and mortar retailers will often find your product based on your Amazon performance or if you approach a retailer he will judge your potential based on your Amazon performance. if you are not on Amazon then you don’t exist for the customer and for future distributors or retailers.

The third reason is Brand Safety.

Anybody can list your product on Amazon, they can sell defective products, expired products. They can sell way below your MSRP and MAP and this will damage your brand, your relationship with your distributor, retailers, and customers. By selling yourself on Amazon and by using Amazon brand tools you will control the quality of your products, the customer experience, and your prices.

You can even build a brand on an Amazon success story. You can’t go around it, you have to be on Amazon and take it seriously.

Keep in mind that it’s a complex tool, with time and experience you will manage and be successful but don’t start on your own, hire the right partner to set you up and to teach you. It will be even better to keep the partner to manage Amazon while you focus on your products and traditional marketing. Be on Amazon and get the right partner to be successful.

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