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Top Immigration Industries USCIS Loves Working With

Finding A Good Industry For Your E2, L1, Or EB-5 Visa Can Determine Your Success With The USCIS.

Finding a good industry for your E2, L1, or EB-5 visa can determine your success with the USCIS. Refer to this article in order to find the right business model in which the USCIS has the most credence. This article illustrates the top industries that are partial to the USCIS and is sectioned into three categories; E2, L1, and EB-5. Selecting the right immigration industries is paramount, we know. That’s why we are here, to help you avoid the headache and challenges, and above all, make sure your application is successful.

We are aware that you may want to follow your passion, but if your Visa approval is more important than your creative liberty, then choose wisely; invest in a business venture with great potential according to the USCIS.  Finding a feasible concept should be your number one goal. Let Joorney be your guide, we are confident you will find our expertise more than satisfactory.

Top 5 Industries for the E2 Visa

The E2 visa is designed for foreign investors with a minimum investment of $70,000 and the desire to start or purchase a business in the US. Through our experience, we have found that there are certain industries to which USCIS prefers granting E2 Visas more than others. Knowing which industries are favored by the USCIS will make for a stronger application and provide you with a greater likelihood of success.

For E2, The USCIS favors working with Restaurants, Retail Shops, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, and Spas.

These businesses require large upfront investments. Having a substantial amount of capital demonstrates interest, at the very least, but also determination.  An individual who has the ability to invest in one of these businesses would appear to be someone of character; someone who has researched the various aspects of their proposed business and understands the risks, profit potential, and sustainability that their venture can provide. These businesses require approximately 2-3 employees very early, ensuring that Visa employment requirements are met early in the life of the business.

Both of these features fulfill the two main proponents of the E2 visa application.  In this regard, they meet USCIS’s criteria.  Consider a business in these industries when seeking an E2 visa.

Top 5 Industries for the L1 Visa

The L1 visa recruits highly specialized employees from a foreign position and places them into a U.S. position.  These individuals are knowledgeable and come with years of education and experience.

For L1, the USCIS favors working with Agriculture, Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Health industry businesses.

Because these fields require employees with specific skill sets, they are more likely to be within the parameters of USCIS’s criteria. Applicants working in any of these fields are almost always in demand, their abilities self-managed, and their knowledge coveted. Therefore, these industries are ideal when applying for an L1.

Top 5 Industries for the EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is known as the investor visa as it requires an investment of $1 million for urban areas or $500,000 for rural.  For immigrant investors who wish to expedite their residency by investing a large amount of capital, the EB-5 Visa provides a flexible range of investment options, allowing for investment in an existing US company, or the establishment of a new commercial entity.

For EB5 visas, the USCIS favors working with Assisted Living Facilities, Hotels, Mixed-Use Real Estate, Schools, Large Retail Franchises.

These businesses demand a hefty workforce to build and complete projects; their use of a large workforce also indicates future sustainability and growth.  Not only is the capacity to employ people a requirement, but so is a large sum of wealth.

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