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Top 5 Mistakes of Filing I-601A Form

Updated 28.03.24 4 minutes read

Earlier this month, in a recently published article on the USCIS blog, the Beacon, the government agency reflects on the 5 most common mistakes when filing the I-601A form which they have noticed in the thousands of applications they have received since announcing the provisional waiver process.

Ranging from errors as simple as overlooking an application fee to forgetting to sign the form, it is surprising to see that the most common mistakes don’t actually deal with what’s presented within the form, but with forgotten steps in completing the form itself. However, to the USCIS, the lack of a signature or the failure to include proof of payment is as important and potentially detrimental as omitting important details or failing to meet requirements.

Since announcing the provisional waiver process, USCIS has received thousands of applications. In reviewing these applications, we’ve noticed five common filing errors. USCIS may delay processing or reject, return or deny your application if you make any of the following mistakes:

  1. Not paying the Immigrant Visa Application Fee.  You must pay the Immigrant Visa Application Fee to the Department of State (DOS) before you file Form I-601A, Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver.
  2. Not providing the DOS Immigrant Visa Application Fee receipt.  You must send a copy of the DOS Immigrant Visa Application Fee receipt with your Form I-601A application. Do not send other receipts such as copies of money orders, processed checks, etc. USCIS will only accept the receipt issued by DOS.
  3. Not completing every question on the form. Complete every question on the form. If you skip or do not answer questions on the form, processing may be delayed or your application may be rejected or denied. It is especially important to include:
    1. The receipt number for your approved immediate relative petition (For Example: Forms I-130 or I-360),
    2. Your National Visa Center (NVC) case number, and
    3. Information about your immigrant visa interview status.
  4. Not including the appropriate filing fee. Include the appropriate fee with your application. The fee is $585. If you are younger than 79, you must also pay $85 for biometric services.
  5. Not signing the application. Please sign your application. If your application is not signed, we will reject your application and return it.

USCIS – I-601A Form