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Webinar Recap: If You Don’t See RFEs Then You’re Not Doing EB2 NIWs

Updated 26.03.24 8 minutes read
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Not just one but two immigration professionals joined us during a recent webinar to discuss their tips for preparing strong, persuasive applications for the EB2-NIW visa with a special emphasis on handling requests for evidence (RFEs).

Our special guests were Anthony DeLucia, RFE Supervising Attorney at Colombo & Hurd – Immigration Lawyers, and Flavia Santos, Supervising Attorney at Santos Lloyd. They were both very generous with their time and expertise, sharing lots of great tips and best practices for EB2-NIW visa applications.

Also joining us was Ana Ortiz, Senior Project Manager at Joorney and very experienced at handling EB2 cases.

During this special webinar presentation, we shared real-world examples of these RFEs and had a lively Q&A session with lots of great questions from the audience.

If you weren’t able to attend, we’ve put together some highlights of the presentation along with links to the relevant part of the discussion.

Advanced Degrees & Exceptional Abilities

We start with an examination of just what “advanced degree” and “exceptional ability” mean, since they are both key requirements for different kinds of EB2-NIW visa applicants. Anthony tells us about “progressive” experience and how it helps applicants while Flavia reminds us that taking a holistic approach to a candidate’s skills and experience is key to a successful application.

When the RFEs Start

Both of our immigration professional guests shared their insights into the situations that are most likely to trigger a request for evidence (RFE) and all the different variables that go into the strategy for answering it. Anthony comments on the alternative path applicants may need to take if they don’t meet some of the basic requirements.

What Do the RFEs Want?

Our own Ana Ortiz joins the conversation, as it turns to the often confusing topic of what RFEs are really asking for and how to answer them even when they are not entirely clear. We introduce some real RFEs actually issued by US authorities so you can get a better idea of what they look like.

Service Center Differences

RFEs are sent by a number of different USCIS “service centers” around the country and our panel has noticed clear differences in the way the different centers process the information that is shared with them. Listen here to learn more about these differences and what you can expect when dealing with these different offices and some examples of different situations that our panel has had to deal with.

Question & Answer Time

We like to answer as many questions as possible after the main part of our webinars come to a close, and our panel took quite a few questions on various aspects of the EB2 program and RFEs.

We thank our guests for sharing their valuable insights and taking the time to join our webinar. You can watch the complete webinar on our YouTube channel or right here on this page.

Disclaimer: Joorney Business Plans is not an immigration consultant, lawyer, or advisor and cannot be held responsible for damages incurred from the use of this information. If you require more information about an immigration program, please contact a registered immigration professional.