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Webinar Recap — Mastering the EB-5 Visa: Adjudication Trends, Reform Requirements, and Professional Support

Immigration attorney Irina Rostova was our special guest during this webinar focused on the EB-5 visa program. 

Those in attendance got a comprehensive explanation of the EB-5 Visa Program, covering key aspects such as reform requirements, FINRA licensed brokers, adjudication trends, investors and regional centers, and professional support for immigration attorneys.

Irina shared her thoughts on the significance of the EB-5 program in the near future, considering economic factors, job creation, and potential legislative changes. The role of brokers in the EB-5 process was also covered, along with the benefits of working with experienced brokers and the criteria for their selection. 

We’ve put together some of the highlights of the webinar below, along with the matching audio clips. You can watch the full presentation at the bottom of the page.

Changes in the EB-5 program

It’s hard not to notice that the EB-5 visa has become more popular and the reasons behind it are Irina’s starting point for this part of the webinar. After explaining how a longer Congressional renewal period has provided the basis for better long-term planning, Irina goes on to cover some of the administrative changes that have also contributed to a growing preference for the EB-5 visa over other options.

A better alternative to EB-2 and EB-3?  

Delays in other programs have also been an influence in the growing popularity of EB-5 visas. Irina reminds us that for some nationalities that are already significantly backlogged, the waiting times involved create incentives to turn to the EB-5 if they have the resources available. Also, some employees currently working on an H1-B visa may also consider the EB-5 as a better option depending on their circumstances.

Results of reforms to the EB-5 program 

The conversation then turns to how the EB-5 program is different after the implementation of recent reforms. Irina explains that many of the changes have resulted in a higher level of accountability, which in turn is good for the program’s credibility and investor confidence. She also comments on the role of regional centers in the administration of the program and how now, after years of activity, they have a stable record of performance.

The benefits of working with a broker

Irina uses her knowledge and experience as a FINRA-licensed broker to explain how the situation has changed for investors, going from not having access to investment advice to being able to rely on licensed brokers for assistance. Listen as she explains the role of a broker, from due diligence to bad actor checks and other measures to ensure the credibility of investment opportunities.

EB-5 processing times 

We turn to the question of waiting times for processing an EB-5 visa application and Irina reminds us that it can vary significantly depending on the investment involved. Applications for projects in rural areas tend to get processed much more quickly, in as little as seven months. Listen to Irina’s warning that “rural” doesn’t mean “worse” and her example of a “rural” project that succeeded quickly.

Q&A time

With our remaining time, we turned things over to attendees to take some of their questions. Irina gave detailed answers to questions on a wide range of topics and took us deeper into the financial side of things based on her experience as a broker. Don’t miss this “extra” information during the last part of our presentation!

You can watch the entire webinar below or on our YouTube channel, where you will find more useful content and interesting presentations.

Disclaimer: Joorney Business Plans is not an immigration consultant, lawyer, or advisor and cannot be held responsible for damages incurred from the use of this information. If you require more information about an immigration program, please contact a registered immigration professional.

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