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Why do lawyers recommend having a professional prepare your E2 Business Plan?

Updated 26.03.24 14 minutes read
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An E2 visa is a valuable asset for foreign investors looking to open or take over a business in the United States. It is a non-immigrant visa available only to individuals from treaty countries who invest substantial capital into an enterprise. To obtain this visa, applicants must show at least 50% ownership of the organization or other proof of operational control and demonstrate that their intent is to develop and manage the enterprise.

However, many E2 visa applicants face a significant obstacle: a lack of professional planning. While it may seem easy to prepare an E2 visa application on your own, significant business planning is required before beginning the process. As such, applicants and E2 immigration lawyers can greatly benefit from working with professional business plan writers.

If you’re interested in applying for an E2 visa, it’s important to consult with an immigration lawyer first before proceeding with the business plan. Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional business plan writer to help you prepare your business plan quickly and efficiently.

Audience Matters

While you might be business-savvy, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re prepared to develop a business plan for immigration. These plans differ from regular business plans in critical ways. While a regular business plan outlines the process of accessing loans and getting investors, a business plan for an E2 will be reviewed by an immigration professional who might not have as much background in your particular business.

Your audience dictates how your business plan is written. A professional business plan writer will adjust accordingly to suit your audience in the following crucial ways:

  • Formality and format: a professional business plan writer with experience in E2 applications will alter the layout of a business plan, such as the formality of the language and writing style. This process ensures that immigration professionals will read the plan without confusion.
  • Length: a professional business plan writer will also adjust the length of a business plan depending on which elements require the most coverage and which require only minimal detail.
  • Emphasis: a professional business plan writer will ensure that there is an emphasis on the sections and points that are most integral to the business plan to ensure that, when reviewing the application, immigration professionals will pay attention to the most critical elements of the plan.


An E2 business plan is a significant turning point for many entrepreneurs and immigration lawyers. Without a professional writer, individuals won’t have access to the necessary knowledge of what immigration professionals expect to find in a well-devised E2 visa business plan.

Professional business plan writers often work alongside various immigration lawyers to understand the expectations of a convincing E2 business plan. By understanding the industry, professional E2 business plan writers can master the topics individuals must include in their plans if they want to be approved for an E2.

For instance, Joorney’s E2 visa business plans are developed by a team with expertise in over 120 industries and clients from over 65 countries. Our team can contribute to a fantastic business plan to help E2 applicants and immigration lawyers that handle E2 visas develop an impactful plan.

Save Time

Even if you’re confident in creating an exceptional E2 business plan, you likely don’t have the time to make a plan as influential as you hope. Time is money in the business world, and if you are simultaneously preparing to apply for a visa and writing a business plan, things can go wrong quickly.

A professional E2 plan writer will ensure that all essential points are covered in an E2 business plan, allowing business owners to save weeks or months and shift their focus back to the business.

By hiring a professional business plan writer, you can focus on your E2 application and remain confident that your final business plan will have all the required information. These time-saving resources are vital for a smooth immigration process.

For instance, professionals such as the team at Joorney can write a business plan for you within 7-10 business days. To do so, Joorney’s team does the following:

  • Gathers the information via questionnaires shared with applicants
  • Reviews the information provided by the applicant to devise an actionable and convincing plan

Business Plan Writing


A successful E2 business plan requires a thorough understanding of the company’s financials, and E2 financial projections are crucial for new businesses to have their applications approved. While traditional financial reports are usually created for bank loans or investors, E2 visa projections must be optimistic yet realistic and based on supported assumptions to demonstrate these projections.

Since many E2 visa applicants are new businesses, financial projections are often based on expectations, market analysis, and assumptions.

E2 visa business plans should include five years financial projections for the company. These projections examine the following:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Statement of cash flow

A professional business plan writer can help new businesses create financial projections that are backed up by credible assumptions, giving them a better chance of creating a business plan with a lasting impact.

Business plan projections


An E2 application must have up-to-date industry and market analysis information from valid sources. However, when these sources are bought directly, applicants might spend significant sums equal to almost as much as the cost of a complete business plan.

To access high-quality sources, applicants should consult a professional E2 business plan writer like the team at Joorney Business Plans. Joorney uses accurate, up-to-date sources from platforms like Ibis and Statista and industry-specific sources to devise an effective and practical plan.

A professional business plan writer will include the most relevant information to support a company’s legitimacy and create an impactful plan that is more likely to get approved. Professional writing services are vital to increasing an applicant’s chances of success.

How Joorney Business Plans Can Help

A professional business plan writing company is essential for E2 applicants and immigration lawyers alike, and it’s always advised to have a professional complete your business plan rather than try to complete it yourself as an applicant. For immigration lawyers with applicants uncertain about creating an effective business plan, referring applicants to the quality writing services available at Joorney Business Plans is critical.

Joorney Business Plans prepares more than 5,000 business plans annually for E2 applicants. Our team works alongside over 1,000 lawyers on these projects, allowing for vast experience in various industries to ensure applicants get the best plan possible.

Creating an impactful E2 business plan is simple with Joorney. Contact the experts at Joorney today to devise an actionable and successful plan.