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Why to Seek Business Opportunities in the United States

Updated 26.03.24 4 minutes read
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As a foreigner, gaining temporary or permanent residency in the United States can be challenging. However, if you are in the position to invest in, start, purchase, open a new office/brand, or run a business that can benefit the United States economy, there are a number of viable options. These include the E-2 and EB-5, and L-1A visa programs, among others.

Although the United States is not the only country with business immigration options, and entry can be challenging and sometimes competitive, there are many advantages to pursuing business here–reasons that have attracted many of the foreign-born founders of highly successful companies that choose to call the States home, such as Tesla and Uber. In fact, more than half of the startup companies in the U.S. valued at over $1 billion have immigrant founders.

Below are 6 of the top reasons to pursue business in the United States.

1. Business Equality

Regardless if a business in the United States is formed or owned by a natural-born citizen or an immigrant, they enjoy the same legal protections and advantages. This is important because it puts you on a level playing field should a legal dispute ever arise with another business. It also grants you access to the same benefits and rules regarding transferring capital.

2. Intellectual Property Protection

Among the legal advantages are intellectual property (IP) rights. The United States is a world leader in IP rights. This means that not only can you patent, trademark, or copyright your ideas, brands, works, and many other intangible assets, but there is legal recourse available to you when an individual or another company infringes upon your IP.

3. Ease of Trade

If your company deals with importing or exporting goods or products, you will benefit from the relative ease of trade in the United States. The country enjoys efficient connections to worldwide markets. Despite recent changes to international trade policy, importing and exporting from a number of prominent countries is still fairly easy.

4. Market Options

Nearly every state has incentives to try to attract businesses to foster economic growth. As such, you will have many options of where to base your business. Since America is also hosting to a variety of different types of terrains and climates, you can choose to live in an area with geographical features and weather that you most prefer.

5. Diverse Population

The United States of America is the third most populated country in the world with roughly 330 million people. This booming population is also notably diverse. People from all different backgrounds, with all different ideas and perspectives, call America home. In today’s highly globalized world, diversity is an asset. You’ll garner important feedback from varied business partners and customers alike, right on your own turf. Also, regardless of your target market, you are likely to find them or at least a representative sample in the country. This can be vital for market research.

6. Innovation

Diversity is also an important key to innovation. Not only will you be able to capitalize on this diversity in terms of market research or potential customers, but it will also likely be present in your workforce as well. This will partially depend on where you are located and whether you allow remote work. However, a highly diverse workforce, when harnessed correctly, tends to lead to a great deal of innovation given the convergence of multiple perspectives and ideas.