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Your Secret Weapon to Get Approved for a Business Visa

United States Citizen and Immigration Services

You need to contribute to the economy.

Launching a business in the United States is not easy, even more, if you are a foreigner like me. The United States is an extremely competitive market with a lot of very smart college students graduating every year with brand new ideas to contribute to society and the economy. It has always welcomed people from all over the world to come and contribute to their economy, but they will always prefer to have their own people be their most successful. To be able to open a business in the US, you need to show that you can contribute as much as you can, maybe even more to its economy.

How to get the USCIS on your side.

They always appreciate a nicely written, informative business plan. Now more than ever, it is essential to provide the USCIS (the United States Citizen and Immigration Services) with a business plan demonstrating and proving that you are worth the chance to actively invest in the United States. The USCIS has certain requirements and they always want to see as much as they can about you and what your time in the United States is going to be about. Even though it is not a requirement for most investment visas, when provided with a comprehensive business plan, the USCIS can really have an idea of what is you intend to do and how you will contribute to the economy.

What exactly is a Business Plan.

A business plan is a formal document that clearly states business goals. A business plan is a thoroughly written document that talks about a future plan for a business opportunity. Usually, business plans are constructed by an executive summary, market researchfinancial research, and feasibility analysis. They are very useful for investors as well as franchise owners. They give information about what your contribution to the country’s economy is going to be when running your business. Business plans are made up of analysis of many different industries and relevant fields of interest-specific to each. Business Plan professional writers, such as Joorney Business Plans, have expertise in more than 120 different industries. A business plan will always be extremely helpful to be able to see what the future will give back.

PROS of having a Business Plan
● The thorough plan moving forward of business
● USCIS can see what your intentions are in the USA
● No doubt on activities
● Industry analysis and market analysis to see if feasible
● In-depth Financial analysis

CONS of having a Business plan
● Having the USCIS like your business so much that they might even steal your idea.

Why care so much about it.

They show coherence with your plans in the country If you provide a business plan, it shows that your intentions in the United States are what you say they are. Sometimes, like in E2 and L1 Visas, you are given a temporary investing or working permit that allows you to invest and run a business in the United States but requires you to go back to your country when you finish what you came to do. The business plan will release any doubt on how long you might stay in the country or if you intend to overstay, which USCIS officers hate. It provides such an in-depth explanation of how a business will be managed, that you can have an idea if the company will succeed and require you to stay in the US and continue running it, or if you have to evaluate other options.

What you should know before hand

You need to be sure you qualify. USCIS officials also look at the impact you are going to make other than to the economy. A business plan provides the information necessary to the USCIS to let them know how you are going to help the people around you. They ask themselves questions like: “Are you going to help give back to the community? Are you going to support or hurt your suppliers and customers? Will you make a better environment around you?” The USCIS is always taking every factor into consideration when deciding whether or not to admit the applicant. Joorney Business Plans address every factor necessary in their business plans. Since business plans are so in-detail, USCIS officials will always pop a smile when they see them.

They worry about money,but who doesn’t?

You need the funds. The USCIS is also making sure that you have and will make enough funds to support yourself while your stay in the US. A business plan does exactly that. The financial analysis of a business plan will allow the USCIS to know how much you are making and if you will be able to support yourself. Not only that, but it also shows where your funding will come from. Joorney Business Plans can also help in finding the right people to fund your business if necessary. This can also prove to the USCIS that you have the resources to maintain yourself while running your business in the United States.

Not only for Immigration officers..

They are extremely useful for us as well! Business plans are not only helpful with the USCIS and investor visas, they are also helpful to you or me directly. With a business plan, you can see clearly who your competition is and who your customer base is going to be. Also, it provides a detailed structure on how the business will run as well as the supply chain needed to be successful. It can be a guidebook to starting your business and also help you avoid making blind decisions. It should not be taken as a document just to present to the USCIS to get a Visa and that is it. The same information that the USCIS is looking at is what you should too since at the end of the day, they only want you to contribute to the economy and be successful.

Business plans are definitely helpful when dealing with immigration officers. Joorney Business Plans makes them specifically for that purpose and address everything that needs to be addressed. They are also valuable to one as a businessman. They assist you with every single factor that could help your business grow and improve.

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