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Our services bring four clear advantages to business brokers

Business Brokers PARTNERS

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How To Work With Us

Outsourcing vs. Referrals?

The structure of your partnership with joorney is up to you.

We currently have two different models by which we partner with business brokers:

Outsourcing Model

Joorney Outsourcing model - How To Work With Us

Like a ghost writer, the Joorney team will interact only with your firm, and clients will never know that they are working with our services. We will communicate internally with your company, but interfacing with the client will continue to be handled by your firm

Referral Model

Joorney Referral model - How To Work With Us

Your clients work directly with Joorney, who will handle all aspects of the business plan process and communicate directly with the clients.

Mix Model

Joorney Mix model - How To Work With Us

Some clients like to price the business plan as part of the package but disclose openly that we are handling the business plan. In that case we handle the project management with the client directly and settle the administrative parts with you.


Speeds Up Processes

When a landlord slows a deal – a landlord deck can preempt a screening. When a buyer needs an SBA or Bank loan – a good business plan speeds up the approval process. A reliable immigration business plan also helps speed up the immigration process.

Attract Buyers And Hook Sellers

A professional executive summary increases the chance of generating interest from buyers. Offering business plans to potential sellers may help in creating an advisory relationship early on, allowing you to continuously capitalize on that relationship.

Referral Commission

Send leads to your account manager by email and get a monthly referral commission for each closed client. We provide a 20% referral commission on closed sales, generating additional revenue for your bottom line.

Dedicated Project Managers

Our partners benefit benefit from the personalized approach of a single project manager working on each of their cases. This ensures that all potential issues will be considered during the drafting of your client’s business plan.

Our partners’ clients can benefit from a well developed business plan in a range of different situations. Our typical partners receive 10-12 business plan requests from their clients every year for business purchases and sales, or bank loans. Because business plans are not their primary focus, our partners are usually only able to capitalize on 20%-30% of these requests. Business plans are an easy way to add value to the offer you already provide your clients, providing you with an additional way of securing your revenue stream, and helping establish your role as a business advisor.


This is exemplified in our absolute professionalism, humility (you and your client are King), and integrity at every turn.

Why Choose Joorney?

We let our work speak for itself but here are more reasons why you should work with us.


First-rate Custom Plans

Our team of 30+ skilled specialists ready to assist you, right away.



7 Languages, All In-house

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian, and Italian for your choosing.



Quality Work, Great Timing

We have the fastest delivery time in the industry, we’ve got you covered.



900+ Partners

We operate on trust and create value through quality and meaningful work.



Proficient Across Industries

We can help you, no matter the industry, we have expertise in over 120.



97% Customer Satisfaction

We value our relationships by focusing on what matters, our customers.

We offer services, built on trust.

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