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Privacy Policy

This document represents a legal document that serves as our Privacy Policy. It governs the privacy terms of our Website and Service. Our Privacy Policy is part of our Legal Terms. Capitalized terms, unless otherwise defined below, have the meaning specified within the Definitions section our Terms of Use.

Updated 30.08.2019


Your Privacy

Joorney follows all legal requirements to protect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is a legal statement that explains how we may collect information from you, how we may share your information, and how you can limit our sharing of your information.

We break up the types of information you share into Non Personal Information and Personally Identifiable Information.

“Non Personal Information” is information that is not personally identifiable to you and that we automatically collect when you access our Website with a web browser.

“Personally Identifiable Information” is non-public information that is personally identifiable to you and obtained in order for us to provide you within access to certain features of our Website or to provide you with our Service. Personally Identifiable Information may include information such as your email address, physical location, business name, and other related information that you provide to us or that we obtain about you. It may also include any information that you upload when using our Website or Service as well as credit card or other payment information that you may present when making a purchase through our Website.

Information we collect

Generally, you control the amount and type of information you provide to Joorney when using our Website.

As a Visitor, you can browse our Website to find out more about our Website. You are not required to provide us with any Personally Identifiable Information as a Visitor.

However, if register as a Member to use our Service or make a purchase from our Website, you must provide Personally Identifiable Information to Joorney in order for us to fulfill our Service or your purchase. As a Member, we collect your Personally Identifiable Information in the following ways:

  • At Member Registration

When you register for membership, we collect your name and email address so that we can communicate with you about our Service and Website.

  • Using our Service

In order to use our Service, you will have to provide us with Personally Identifiable Information.

Questions About Our Privacy Practices or This Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about our Privacy Practices or this Policy, please contact us by email at