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Premium Market Research

All you need to know about your target market in a single, comprehensive market study created by Joorney’s expert market analysts.

Starting Price $ 3,500
Days Until First Draft
15-20 days Rush service available
Number of Pages 40-60 pages
What You Get:
Dedicated Team
Industry Expertise
Flat Rate Pricing
Market Overview
Competitive Analysis
Location Analysis
Price Analysis and Product Comparison
Value Chain Analysis
Potential List of Clients
Data Analysis
What's Included:
Desk Research
Mystery Shopping
Surveys to Potential Clients/End Consumers
In-Depth Interviews Price
Comparison Analysis
Internal Calculations


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Market Overview

This high-level view of the market will help you have a dimension of what is the potential audience you will be determining your target in wither for a new product, new project or a whole new business.

Included services:

  • Industry and Related Industries
  • Market Size
  • Market Trends
  • Market Share
Competitive Analysis

Every entrepreneur, investor or businessperson need to review their competitors in order to understand the market. With our competitive analysis we offer the opportunity to evaluate who are the main players, how are they working towards the client, what are their value propositions and models, and what they are selling that you should consider from a comparison point of view.

Included services:

  • Main Players
  • Business Models
  • Product Categories
  • Market Share
Location Analysis

Some businesses such as retail shops, restaurants, spas and others depend on their location to be successful which makes a great difference. Conducting a location analysis is not just determining a lease, it is analyzing the target clients you will be aiming for, who you will be neighbor to, and if they are the right audience for you to be close to. The more precise you are gathering information before making this decision, the better your decision.

Included services:

  • Demographics
  • Comparative Criteria
  • Market Estimates in Location
Price Analysis and Product Comparison

Price is a crucial decision all businesses must take when they are starting a project or business offering a product or service. Analyzing price is not an easy task, you may have to look deep and perhaps be creative to get good information. We will look for methodologies that let us find enough information regarding pricing for you to make decisions both for B2C and B2B.

Included services:

  • Retail/Online Pricing Analysis
  • B2B Pricing Mystery Shopping
Value Chain Analysis

With the Value Chain Analysis, we explore the distribution channels and the margins within the Value Chain Analysis in industries where this information is available and can provide insight for businesses looking to understand their position within that chain.

Included services:

  • Distribution Channels
  • Value Chain Analysis
Potential List of Clients

One of the main ways to get started with a company is to know who to sell to and go for it. That is where our Potential List of Clients comes in, we help you get a database or list of these clients for you to get a head start on your sales, and if you want to ask them questions before selling to them we can make that happen.

Included services:

  • Client Contact Information
  • Surveys or In-Depth Interviews to Potential Clients

Our Proven Methodologies

If you have decided that your business could benefit from market research, there are a number of different market research methodologies readily available.

In Premium Market Research services we use:

  • Desk Research
  • Reports
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Surveys to Potential Clients/End Consumers
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Price Comparison Analysis
  • Internal Calculations

Premium Market Research

Designed to Support Your Business Endeavor

A market research report is essential for understanding your target market and potential customers, forming a critical component of your business plan. Gathering and analyzing market data is often a complex and time-consuming task, which can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs. Many choose to delegate this vital activity to professional market research analysts or firms after struggling with their own efforts.

By opting for our Premium Market Research service, you entrust this crucial task to our expert consultants and writers. We provide a comprehensive market analysis and deliver a meticulously prepared report that equips you with the knowledge to confidently pursue your business objectives. Our service ensures you have a thorough understanding of your market landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge, all at a competitive price.

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Premium Market Research

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