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How “The Customer Is Always Right” Is Hurting Your Business Featured

How “The Customer is Always Right” is Hurting Your Business

The customer is always right. You’ve likely heard the statement thousands of times, especially if you’ve ever worked in or around customer service. It is often touted as one of the unwritten rules of business that all companies should aspire to adhere to. Yet, there are inherent problems and consequences that arise from applying this concept to your business.
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Operating Lean _ Managing Cash Flow Keys For Navigating The Economic Downturn - Feature Image

Operating Lean & Managing Cash Flow: Keys for Navigating the Economic Downturn

Unless you own a grocery store, online streaming service, or produce toilet paper or sanitizing products, your business has most likely been negatively impacted by coronavirus. On both a national and global level, we are realizing that this is not merely a blip on the radar but something that will have a deep financial and economic impact for months and possibly years to come.
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Addressing The 3 Biggest Struggles Of Remote Work - Feature Image

Addressing the 3 Biggest Struggles of Remote Work

As businesses across the country begin to reopen, you may be among the growing list of companies that are planning to move to a full or partial remote model. As you transition from a temporary remote work arrangement and prepare for the long term, there will likely be challenges ahead. Now is the time to ensure your remote work continues smoothly and your employees remain productive.
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