Benjamin Jarmon

Benjamin Jarmon

CEO | Founder

Ben worked in the fast-paced, super-creative world of commodities trading, an environment that does not leave a spare second for second guessing choices. One day, he decided to leave it all. He gave up his visa and financial security to follow a dream. And he did it without second guessing.

Ben knew he could use his experience in international trade and finance to help small- and medium-sized businesses, and while undergoing his own investor visa process, he discovered a purpose. All entrepreneurs and companies need consulting help at various points of the immigration process, and for many the most daunting part of the whole process involves the Business Plan. Ben completed his own business plan, found he had a knack for the task, and began offering his services to others. Soon thereafter, Joorney was born. With the help of his talented partner, Director of Sales Paul Monson, Ben’s new company began forming partnerships with hundreds of attorneys across the US.

Any major relocation is difficult enough without the requirement of a business plan that for many amounts to a nearly insurmountable obstacle. Ben and his small but growing team created a product and a process that took the mystery out of the business plan portion of the visa process. Clients and their attorneys felt well-served. After reviewing internal processes against customer feedback, Joorney moved beyond immigration business plans and began offering services to any entrepreneur or business that needed dedicated service and a clear written document illustrating the enterprise and plans for the future.

In Ben’s own words:

All of our employees understand the importance of the business plan and how it will affect the lives of our clients. And that’s why we love our jobs—because what we do makes a difference. Every time a client confirms they received approval for their visa, their loans, or funds from private investors, the whole team is very happy to have made that difference. After all that we’ve been through in such a short amount of time, I am proudest to say that Joorney has helped establish many companies and create more than 5000 jobs! With the recent expansion of our services, I look forward to thousands more.