Things to Know: E-2 Visa

Things to Know: E-2 Visa

Things to Know about  E-2 Visa:

The E-2 visa, commonly known as a investor visa is given to individuals who come to the United States to either purchase or create a new business.

Creating a Business

Creating your own business is a viable option, however this is not an easy process, however, since the guidelines require the the investor to provide all the necessary funds to start the business and show the proof of payment and source of the funds in the forms of receipts.

The investor must be able to prove that the amount that has been invested is equal to what one would consider necessary in order to start such a business in the respective industry. Additionally, these funds must prove to be “irrevocably committed”. This means that they must show that the business is in the process of being created. Example: a new store will need to show that it already has a lease for the location, equipment, etc. These kind of “proofs” of investments are absolutely necessary and must be documented. Also importantly, the business created must show that it will be profitable.

Buying a Business

If an investor chooses to instead purchase an already exisisting business, a signed contract must be presented, and the funds used for purchasing the business must be kept in an escrow account. This may seem like a less complicated route, but the investor should be able to prove that he/she has the skills required to run a business. Whether through experience or education, this is a must for an investor looking to secure a visa.

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