Effects of Trump Presidency, Impact on Investor Visas

Effects of Trump Presidency, Impact on Investor Visas

Hello potential investor visa holders and entrepreneurs in the US and across the world. These are our thoughts on the effects of Trump presidency impact on investor visas.

We want to respond to the many requests from international people about how President’s Trump’s victory may affect their decision to come over to the US and invest. Our position is that Trump’s victory will affect positively every active investor visa options such as the L1 visa, E2 visa  and Direct EB5 visa.We predict an actual rise in those visa numbers after the international community get over President Trump’s victory and get back to their business decisions.

Trump presidency impact on investor visas

We do not know how exactly how President Elect Donald Trump will affect quotas on H1B or EB5 passive investments – as he said these programs should be reduced but without exact numbers – so we will keep you posted.

America is as attractive as ever for entrepreneurs who are chasing the American Dream. We don’t think there is a point to go over every detail of Trump’s program because it will be adjusted as it will be negotiated with the Congress and Senate.

But his program does promote entrepreneurial endeavors through tax breaks and tentative consumption boost. It will probably be tougher for internationals to get jobs in the US – but it should be just as easy for any international investor and business to participate to the US economy and create US jobs.

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