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Financial Model

Get a clear picture of the forecasted financial performance of your company to guide your business decisions.

Financial model
Starting Price $ 4,000
Days Until First Draft
10-15 days Rush service available
Number of Pages Custom
What You Get:
Dedicated Team
Industry Expertise
Flat Rate Pricing
2 Revisions
Personalized Financial Model
1 Hour of Financial Model Consultation
What's Included:
How much capital will be required for investment?
What are your expenses and their associated costs?
Projected sales growth and cash flows
A valuation range for your venture or business
Appropriate capital structure (equity, debt, hybrid, etc.)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV)


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Financial Model

Designed to Guide Your Budget Decisions

Building a financial model is essential for visualizing the potential financial future of a company. It translates detailed operational aspects into numeric forecasts, helping to predict profits, estimate costs, and assess the impact of economic changes. This tool is crucial for evaluating business valuations and planning strategic moves.

Investors use financial models to simulate various business scenarios, such as the effects of a 10% sales fluctuation on cash flow. These models provide crucial insights that guide investment decisions by illustrating potential financial outcomes under different conditions.

Our team excels in constructing financial models that turn complex assumptions into clear financial projections. With backgrounds in investment banking and diverse industry experience, our consultants are equipped to deliver models that align with your strategic objectives and satisfy investor inquiries, ensuring you are well-prepared to meet market challenges.

our Process

Step by Step

Step 1 Discovery Call

We listen intently about the details of your endeavor with a focus on what you’re looking to achieve. From there, we propose the services that are needed to help you accomplish your goal.

Step 2 Proposal

We put together and send you a proposal inclusive of the scope of work, delivery timing, Price, and terms of engagement.

Step 3 Contract & Invoice

Once the Proposal is accepted by you, we finalize our contract and send you the invoice. We’re ready to start your project!

Step 4 Questionnaire

You receive our comprehensive questionnaire, designed specifically to allow you to easily share the details of your endeavor with us. We’ll use this knowledge to expertly create the agreed upon products that will help you achieve your goal.

Step 5 Review

Upon receiving your complete questionnaire, our team analyzes the answers and reaches out to you in case of any missing data or additional questions.

Step 6 Writing Process

Your dedicated team creates your custom built first draft of the first product within the specified time frame. And we never miss a deadline!

Step 7 Optional Revisions

We optimize the product based on feedback from you. We offer 2 revisions.

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Financial Model

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